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Symantec vs others

Created: 21 Aug. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 24 Aug. 2013 | 11 Kommentare
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I need the following documents and answewr of a question for a customer with 3000 nodes where Sophos is already running. Customer wants to use any other antivirus on those nodes and if that is possible he will not renew Sophos.Please provide me the following things:

1. Is there any documents on Symantec vs Sophos and Symantec vs McAfee, Symantec vs Kespersky which describe the more benifits,feature of Symantec and comperison between them.

2. The Gartner report of Enterprise level antivirus.

2. If any customer ask why they shold use Symantec Endpoint Protection where Shopos is smoothly running on 3000 users, what should be the answer ?

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das Bild der Fariduzzamans

So.............There is no one to help me to provide some documents on Symantec vs Sophos ?

das Bild der pete_4u2002s

please get in touch with the Symantec sales team , they will help you provide with the necessary information if there is a new lead for Symantec.

das Bild der Sachin Sawants

Hi Fariduzzaman,

give me a some time i will provide you.

das Bild der Fariduzzamans

Thanks a lot Sachin, I've checked those links.

1. Please provide me the comperison of Symantec and Sophos as I've to comptitate with Sophos.

2. A short documents which describe some key features,benifits of Symantec Endpoint protection.

das Bild der Sachin Sawants

you want to only antivirus of all product..

das Bild der Fariduzzamans

Of course only the comperison of Symantec endpoint protection vs Sophos end point antivirus. Some key features of Symantec Endpoint protection.

das Bild der Mithun Sanghavis


Check these Whitepapers -

Symantec Positioned Highest in Vision & Execution In Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

Dennis Technology Labs: Enterprise Anti-Virus Protection July-September 2012

Dennis Labs –Virtual Desktop Anti-malware Protection, May 2012

Tolly Enterprises – Antivirus Performance in VMware ESXi Virtual Environments, May 2012

Tolly Enterprises – Competitive Anti-virus Performance in VMware vSphere 5 Virtual Environments, October 2012

Tolly Enterprises – Anti-virus Effectiveness in VMware vSphere 5 Virtual Environments, October 2012

AV-Comparitives (October' 2012)

PassMark Software: (22 August 2012)

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Senior Consultant

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