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Is there a SIM collector for NetIQ yet?

Created: 09 Okt. 2012 | 6 Kommentare

Or where can I find the latest spreadsheet for all SSIM collectors?


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das Bild der Laurent_cs

it is on Fileconnect with all collectors.

das Bild der Avkash Ks

You can find file with name "SSIM_4.7_Collectors_Product_Index.xlsx" on fileconnect.


Avkash K

das Bild der olafs

You are right. I will try to get someone to update the list.

das Bild der olafs

I got the following information from the product group concerning the file on fileconnect for SSIM 4.7:

Since this is completely out of date, it needs a thorough review which is in progress and would be updated with next collector release.