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Is there a way to get alerted of new Backup Exec Hot Fixes

Created: 03 Jan. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 05 Feb. 2013 | 6 Kommentare
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I was just wondering if there was a way to get notified of new hot fixes that are released for Backup Exec. I would like to be more pro active about patching servers and finding out what the patches fix rather than just running live update everytime there is a problem.

Any tips would be appreciated.


Peter Sheridan

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das Bild der pkhs

Normally, you will get an alert when there are new fixes to be installed.  You don't have to run LU to get these alerts.

das Bild der VJwares

Verbatim ~

If you enable the automatic update option, you can configure LiveUpdate to poll the main SymantecWebserver on a scheduled interval. By default, LiveUpdate checks for updates every Sunday night at 10pm. If there is an update, LiveUpdate notifies you with an alert.

From the Backup Exec button - Configuration & Settings - Backup Exec Settings - LiveUpdate, choose the option " Send an alert when updates are available; do not download or installupdates".

das Bild der Peter Sheridans

From my understanding though the alert only gets generated in BE. I don't check BE every day and rely on email notifications to see if the jobs are successful or not.

Is there any way to get an email notification on new updates? This doesn't necessarily need to be done through BE, but could be done through an RSS feed for example..

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Login to your MySupport account...choose to subscribe via email / rss feed... this should work, though I haven't tried this..

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hi ,

i Confirm what VJmware said , also there is other option to have the latest updates :

Subscribe  to Technotes where is the issue presentation and there is no solution , always at the end of technote its wrote :symantec issue is under investigation, once the issue is fixed by an Hotfix  you will recieve a notification by Email before that the hotfix will be posted in live update.

also if the issue is fixed by orphan  you wuill be informed then u can just contact support to have it .

Good luck

das Bild der Peter Sheridans

I have been trailing this for the past few weeks. Originally I setup email notifications to be sent straight away but get overloaded with notifications as it just didn't notify me when updates were available but also when technotes got updated as well.

Have since swapped over to weekly digests and it works a lot better as i can just sift through the headings and read what is relevant to me.

Thanks guys :)