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Try to install backup exec but got rollback ad the end of installation

Created: 26 Mai 2010 | 4 Kommentare


I'm trying to install backup exec 2010 trial. But on the end of installation i've got a rollback of the installation.
I'm installing it on a clean windows 2008 sp2 32 bits.
The end of the logfile  "The return value for Symantec Backup Exec returned error code: 1603"
I also tried it on a clean windows 2003 server but get the same error.

Can anybody help me ?

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das Bild der Nimish_Patels

Is the error coming up at the end of the installation process where it says, configuring backup exec ??

Is the installation rolling back after reaching the point of failure ?

Thanks & Regards
Nimish Patel

das Bild der JoaoMatoss

Hi there,
I guess something is missing
what kind of warnings gave BE check installation?




Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

das Bild der pkhs

It could be that the installation files are bad.  Download the BE 2010 DVD again and re-try the install.  When downloading hte DVD, download the entire DVD as a single file, rather than downloading the 4 parts and joining them.

das Bild der pkhs

Maybe this article will help