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Unable to update the new Sylink.xml

Created: 18 Juli 2013 • Aktualisiert: 19 Juli 2013 | 10 Kommentare
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Hi all,

I would like to move some of my users to another SEPM Server via Sylink.xml but I am fail. Last 3 months, I had tested successful but not after upgrading the SEPM & SEP Client to 12.1.3.

Please kindly advise and assist.

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Try this document

How to deploy/update communication settings from your SEPM to your SEP clients machines with SEP 12.1 RU2

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Hi Rafeeq, I just test but fail. The test pc still connect my old SEPM

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Post the screen shot of the error message please. you want to replace the sylink remote or locally on each machine?

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You can use following options.

1. sylink replacer

2. Import and export communication settings via help menu

3. boot in to safe mode and replace the Sylink



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Please use Sylink drop


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You can export the sylink file from new server and deploy on clients using deployment tool. Below link help you to restore it.

Restoring client-server communications with Communication Update Package Deployment
Article:HOWTO81109 | Created: 2012-10-24 | Updated: 2013-06-06 | Article URL



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1) take a system connected to the old SEPM where no attempts to move it have been done

2) copy its current sylink.xml to another folder as backup

3) replace the sylink.xml with a new one in the way to like

4) if it does not work, open and compare the currently used sylink.xml with the backup copy of the old one

5A) if they are the same, the replacement failed, we need focus on steps you apply to do it

5B) if they are different but the SEP agent is still connected to the old SEPM, it means that the SEP agent is failing to connect to the new SEPM and it then fails over to a backup copy of the sylink.xml (not the one created by you but another one automatically created by SEP for such cases), hence focus on the connectivity to the new SEPM.

NOTE: I don't mean a bit-by-bit comparison of the sylink.xml files, just look at the list of SEPM servers at the moment



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Hi all,

The problem is solved by creating the new management server list and pointing to new SEPM IP. Then I need to export the new sylink.xml from the new SEPM to the pc.