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Unable to view deduplication folder after adding BE server to CASO

Created: 29 Okt. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 27 Dez. 2012 | 5 Kommentare
das Bild der demo4119s
Dieses Problem wurde gelöst. Siehe Lösung.

currently facing a strange issue when joining a managed BE server to a CASO for central management server .

We cant create or view the dedupliction folder that we have created before joining to CASO.

BE licenses have been verified . Has logged case with support for the past 2 weeks but problem still unable to resolve.

Anyone faced this issue before.

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das Bild der cruisens


you can try to deactivate the dedupe option and after a restart of the server try to enable the option again.

This should fix the problem.

das Bild der demo4119s

Thanks cruisen . will give a try tomorrow and keep you posted.

das Bild der cruisens

Hi demo4119,

any news on this?.

Best regards,


das Bild der demo4119s

Problem solved after symantec support did a sql cleanup on the CASO server.