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Upgrading 20x EV FSA from 10.0.1 to 10.0.2

Created: 19 Okt. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 24 Okt. 2012 | 3 Kommentare
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We want to upgarde 20x EV FSA from 10.0.1 to 10.0.2, so basically the steps would be 

1. Stop services in all 20 EV FSA Server

2. Upgrade the first EV Server and start Directory service, wait for event log, start storage wait for event log and start all other services

3. Upgrade rest of the EV servers one by one and start services


Many Thanks

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You mised out >>>


Queue clear-down

Testing post-upgrade.

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The upgrade instructions state to upgrade all the EV servers before starting the directory service on just one. There is a section in the upgrade instructions for upgrading multiple servers that detail the order of the steps. I assume you have a lot of file servers wuth 20 EV servers so you I would add upgrading the FSA agent on them in your plan. We have an infrastructure with 82 file servers and the file server part takes a bit of time.