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Upgrading from Backup Exec 12 (not 2012) to 2014

Created: 23 Juli 2014 • Aktualisiert: 30 Juli 2014 | 8 Kommentare
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After some advice. We are currently running Backup Exec 12 (not 2012) on a Windows 2003 server. The plan is to install a new 2008 server and put Backup Exec 2014 on it. I read some where that upgrading from 12 is not possible but 12.5 is OK. Would i have to upgrade to 12.5 beforehand or would it not matter because i'm building a new server? Is there any documentation regarding this that you could point me to.


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It depends upon if you are concerned about migrating the existing config over to the new server or not.

If not, then its a simple matter of installing BE 2014 on the new server and treating it as a new setup.

If yes, then you would need to perform an upgrade and a server migration as well.

For egs, upgrade from 12.0 to 12.5 on the existing server...migrate this over to the new 2008 server..then perform an in-place upgrade from 12.5 to 2012.

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Hi chaps,

Thanks for the links and explanation. Existing config would need to be kept so i think the best thing would be to updgrade to 12.5 on the existing server. Migrate over to the new 2008 server and then upgrade to 2014. Is the 12 to 12.5 upgrade pretty painless. Anything i need to look out for?


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A quick question about licensing. If i were to buy a 2014 license, would that cover me for the 12.5 upgrade also?


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The upgrade to 12.5 would be very temporary. Basically, to go from 12 to 12.5 then to 2014. You don't linger on 12.5

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Will the existing Remote Agents that i am using with 12 work with 12.5 or will i need to re-install a different version?


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...just upgrade the agents. BE would support 1 agent back (so BE 2012) for rolling upgrades only.


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I'm with the same case. But I still have to keep all catalogs and settings.

So, first, I have to migrate BE 12 to 12.5, after this, migrate Windows Server 2003 to 2008 R2, then I could finish to migrate BE to 2014. Is it alright?