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Veritas Cluster Server 32 Bit Download

Created: 30 Nov. 2012 | 5 Kommentare


I am a new learner of VCS Technology, but really don't know from where to Start.

Training Cost is really high to learn Veritas Cluster.

Is it possible to get 32 Bit VCS to download for rhel so that i can learn VCS technology.

Will Request all to kindly Share and give me a guidance to learn this tech.



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das Bild der Mariannes

Best to contact your local Symantec reseller. 

Only latest version of Storage Foundation and Cluster software is available for download as Trialware.

VCS 5.1 was the last version to support 32-bit.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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Is there any alternative apart from symantec reseller because I am unable to find it.



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The 5.0 Linux VCS release notes say 32-bit is supported, but the 5.1 Linux VCS release notes only list 64bit and it will be even harder to get hold of 5.0.

The VCS simulator is a good learning tool.  For a Windows client, then you can download simulator by clicking on link Veritas Cluster Server Java Console, Veritas Cluster Server Simulator, Veritas Enterprise Administrator Console at - you will need to sign up for a free Symantec account if you don't already have one to get this.

The simulator has been ported unofficially to MAC ( and I ported the 5.0 Linux x86 simulator to 5.1, in case you running a Linux client.


UK Symantec Consultant in VCS, GCO, SF, VVR, VxAT on Solaris, AIX, HP-ux, Linux & Windows

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This seem to be a good answer :) Good Work

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If you have a login account to Symantec's SORT site -, you can review the patch matrix and download the SLES or RHEL x86 32 bit version with patches..

If you want a Storage Foundation basic package, it is a good introduction and has almost all the tools to get your small business up and running ->

Requirements ->

link- > Veritas Storage Foundation Basic from Symantec

Veritas Storage Foundation Basic from Symantec is a free version of the industry-leading Veritas Storage Foundation from Symantec product designed for heterogeneous online storage management of edge-tier workloads with up to four file systems, four volumes, and two processor sockets per system.

If you have a MAC with Parallels or VMWare, or a PC with a 32 Bit chip, then you can install Oracle/Solaris x86, RHEL or SLES and then install the 32 bit SFHA (Storage Foundation High Availability) or SF with VxVM, VxFS and DMP. It is recommended to get a 64 bit machine to run anything else, minumum RAM memory should be 2 GB to 4GB.  As Mike stated, the Cluster simulator is one of the best tools for beginners and experts to use with storage and clustering. It can work in any OS, so it is a great tool. The VEA and Cluster Simulator products have task and command windows, to show all the commands.

The Trialware site, SORT site and Symantec products index can keep you reading for the next five is just that good..