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What is the best way to backup EMC VNX CIFS shares without using NDMP agent

Created: 11 Feb. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 23 Okt. 2013 | 4 Kommentare
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Does anyone have a quick how-to guide for backing up CIFS shares from a VNX 5300 datamover without using the NDMP option

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Stop ndmp service on NDMP Server. In Backup exec, add the IP of the VNX in user defined section in the selection list. After you add it, expand it and you will see the shares which you can backup. Refer

das Bild der Gurvinder Raits

you can browse to the web console for the ndmp server and you should have an option there to disable ndmp service.

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Also be aware that you will always get the warning about remote agent not found  with a share level backup from a device that cannot/does not have RAWS installed.