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What can I do for malfunctioning of Download Insight or Proactive Threat Protection?

Created: 29 Jan. 2013 • Aktualisiert: 30 Jan. 2013 | 6 Kommentare
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In the status of SEP (12.1.1101.401) client, there are 2 warning of malfuncioning for Download Insight and Proactive Threat Protection. The details shows that it is due to an intrusion prevention component. I check the log but nothing can be found. Search around the setting/function in SEP client but I cannot find how to resume this functions. And, there is no warning/alert in all view of clients window inside SEPM (12.1.1101.401). 

How can I resume or recover these 2 functions /services in this client SEP?

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Hi Dickson,

Please check if the issue gets resolved after the reboot.

If no then remove those features manually from add/remove programs and install it back again. Moost of the issue gets resolved by this.

Let us know if this works for you.



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Try to reboot the client machines. Is the IPS installed correctly on clients? Download Insight may give errors if IPs is for example disabled by Policy - have a look on the assigned policy from SEPM if it is enabled.

Have a look at the following documents:

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sorry, all.

yes, I can find a lot of solution in the forum. After reading a lot, I use "smc -stop" and "smc -start" that can solve my problem. It become normal. Other final suggestion is to reboot the machine but no good at all.

1. No log in Windows event log or SEP client. ( no idea when start this error )

2. No log or warning in SEPM  (not correctly show the status of client at all)

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This problem happens again. However, "smc -stop" cannot stop the service which is in "Stopping" state. If I do not want to reboot the server, how can I stop or kill the process so that I can start it again?

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go to services.msc

select the symantec management client service

make the start up type as manual.

open task manager

kill the smc.exe

go tot services again and start it..