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Windows 7 and XP backup selection list within Policy

Created: 15 Nov. 2012 | 4 Kommentare

Hello Forum

We are interested in combining our separate Windows 7 and XP desktop backup polices into one backup policy. In this combined backup policy, we are not selecting all_local_drives as the backup selection, but instead C:\Users for windows 7 , and C:\Documents and Settings for windows XP.

We noticed during testing of this configuration that the documents and settings folder which still exists on windows 7 was making the backups double for this operating system. When opening the backup archive and restore after a succesful backup, we can see that the users profile got backed up under both C:\users and C:\documents and settings. Even though the C:\documents and settings folder is a locked folder with nothing in it, it still links to C:\Users and backs it up.

Would anybody know if it is possible to configure our combined backup policy backup selections to where the C:\documents and settings on windows 7 desktops is not backed up ?

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das Bild der watsonss

This is expected behavior. When you place 2 clients in the same policy, they would backup files under your backup selection. Policy is not designed in a way to tell which backup selection is for which client.

To workaround this, simply create exclude list in each client to exclude whatever you don't need to backup. So for your Windows 7, exclude C:\Documents and Settings , and on Windows XP, exclude C:\Users.

das Bild der Robert_In_Backupslands

Thanks for your quick response watsons.  This is a good response to my question and something that will be considered.

We ideally wanted a universal exclude list for all our desktop/laptop window computers so that we did not have to manage separate exclude lists based on operating systems. However this probably is the only solution around this topic unless somebody else can come up with an alternate response.

das Bild der Andy Welburns

We ideally wanted a universal exclude list

This has been on a lot of peoples 'Wish Lists' for some time:

The first two are 'In Review' so add your vote & you never know .....