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Windows - Delayed Write Failed

Created: 11 Okt. 2012 | 8 Kommentare

Dear all !

Some day, i try backup data with Symantect Backup Exec 10d for windows server but have many problem.

Always have error , please see picture bellow more details

I'm very tired !

I save backup data on S: ( This removeable disk)

 I make a new folder B2B, make a new Media Set , make a new Device back up (Backup-to-disk-folder) . but still error.

Event viewer log :

Please help me !!

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das Bild der CraigVs


Check the TN below for troubleshooting tips on this:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

das Bild der lmoslas

Hi kieum,

How much space do you have on this drive? 

Reboot your server and then create another b2d job to run the backup to.

das Bild der kiuems

Dear Lmossla !

That disk have free space 1,2TB  !
I rebooted server and create another B2D job but the same error !

das Bild der CraigVs

OK...stop the BE services, and then run an NTbackup to that external drive...

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

das Bild der kiuems

Dear all Symantec support team !

I'm try my best but i dont know why probem can not issue, every one can be support via team viewer ?
Please help me ! Too long time, i can issue that problem. 

My boss waring me :((. I dont want lost my job !

I'm sad at heart !

Thanks for all !

das Bild der pkhs

Delayed write fail is a hardware problem and OS problem.  It has nothing to do with BE.  It is probably caused by a bad connector, e.g. if you are using a USB disk and the USB connector is loose.  I would suggest that you change your USB cable and the socket.

Also you can try to disable the write caching.  See this document

If this document does not match your OS, search the Net for "disable write caching"

das Bild der Jaydeep Ss

Also, Use the B2D Test tool on his volume and check if there are any errors

das Bild der CraigVs

...have you even tried to run an NTbackup?

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support: