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Symantec Analyst Relations - Private group: members only

Öffentliche Gruppe | Gegründet: 02 März 2011 | Anzahl Mitglieder: 78

This group hosts detailed presentation materials and other relevant information to support the research of the Industry Analyst community. Please request membership if you would like to access the below materials.


Symantec Analyst Relations Events

EMEA Enterprise Security Strategy Analyst Day, 16th June, Reading UK

  • For event details, click here (Registration required, please join the private group)

APJ Analyst Breakfast, 14th April 2015, Singapore

  • For event details, click here (Registration required, please join the private group)

UK Information Protection Analyst Day, 23rd March 2015, Reading UK

  • For event details, click here (Registration required, please join the private group)

Unified Security Analyst Day, 10th December 2014, Reading UK

  • For event details, click here

Vision Symposium London, 21st – 22nd October, London UK

  • For event details, click here

Vision Symposium Munich, 8th – 9th July, Munich Germany

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Symantec Edition - Monthly Webcast for Industry Analysts

We invite you to hear from Symantec experts on a variety of topics for industry analysts. In these one hour sessions, we will articulate Symantec’s strategy around hot topics and trends such as cloud computing, BYOD, information explosion, to name a few as well as host a Q&A session.

Previous Webcasts



New Blog-Eintrag 02 Jul 2015
June 2015 - Press Releases 06/02 Symantec Announces Extensive New Cloud Offering News/Articles The world of data is changing – Veritas helps make sense of it all Marching towards the Cloud: Symantec on Amazon Web Services ...
New Blog-Eintrag 30 Jun 2015
At Symantec, we are fortunate to be able to engage closely with many different types of organisations across all stakeholders – from board members to end users, CISOs, to administrators, as well as the many roles in between. This affords us a whole ...
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New Blog-Eintrag 25 Jun 2015
Here you can gain relevant and timely information related to Symantec’s business and products to support you with your research. More Details Symantec Financial Analyst Day 2015 On Friday, April 17 Symantec hosted its 2015 Financial Analyst Day. A ...
New Blog-Eintrag 24 Jun 2015
A recent visit to an annual regional security conference left me both somewhat dazed – lots of flashing fire, smoke, red lights and sirens (though no fire engines) – and confused. Because, in amongst the plethora of alerting and analysis technologies, ...
New Veranstaltung 23 Jun 2015
Symantec Security Experts will be at Black Hat USA 2015 taking place on 1-6 August 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. The team will be showcasing Symantec's cyber security offerings to protect customer’s against advanced threats including Managed Security ...
New Blog-Eintrag 01 Jun 2015
Growing up in the 1970s, we were engrained with the Green Cross Code for road safety, so much so, I can still remember the mantra from the TV. For those fortunate enough to be too young to have any idea what I’m talking about, well… you really missed ...
New Blog-Eintrag 29 May 2015
There is little doubt the Internet of Things has now become top of mind for many enterprises and the reasons aren’t that hard to see. IoT has delivered a unique opportunity to enhance digital business in a way that goes far beyond anything previously ...
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