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Security Track @ Vision

Created: 26 Aug. 2009 • Aktualisiert: 30 Aug. 2009 | 3 Kommentare
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Symantec would like to include a security track at the conference.  What specific products or topics you would like to see addressed?

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I'm a vPro advocate - and one item I often demonstrate which is unique to Symantec\Altiris is customized network filters.

Take a look at the posted webinar\materials available at

The second demo (Isolate, Power, and Patch) specifically in the webinar referenced above

There is further integration with SEP on the roadmap

Also - while at Symantec technical field sales training event, saw an awesome demo combining SEP/SNAC/SIM/SEE and more via Workflow.   Send me a private message via Symantec Connect and I'll provide names of Symantec employees involved with that demonstration

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How are Symantec tackling the increase in root kits, and their detection and removal?

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I'd like to see a malicious code incident workshop, discuss sample collection, troubleshooting, common loadpoints, use the tools.

Mobile and BYOD are on the rise, clearly those are topics that need to continue.

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