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Copy Job Backup

Created: 08 Aug. 2012 | 2 Kommentare
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I'm using BE2012 and I tried to copy a job backup but don´t have this option.

I know there is a option (Create New Backup Using the Settings from Existing Backup) but it not copy the Selection List.

In my case It´s so useful!


Bruno Banfi

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I could not agree more!! I think it should be a fundamental part of a backup program that you should be able to export your job selections, either to a spread sheet for reporting/ documentation, or to import them into another server. Symantec nicely include a BEMCLI cmdlet "Get-BEBackupDefinition", which allows you to export all the job settings, EXCEPT THE BACKUP SELECTIONS!!! I ask you, all you Symantec product developers, WHAT USE IS THAT? HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN IN THE REAL WORLD? Don't you think there might be a need to move all you backup jobs, including the backup selections, which are an essential part of the job, to another server?

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Nigel_the_Nerd i agree. other thing that is so useful is to view the selection list in a scheduled duplication task.

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