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Legacy daemons with dynamic logging levels

Created: 24 Sept. 2012 | 2 Kommentare
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I'd like to not have to cycle daemons/services ever again in order to enable higher (or lower) verbosity logging. It's bad enough doing this on a Media Server but having to take down the entire Master just to capture logs has a huge impact on our customer SLAs. The legacy daemons should be smart enough by this point to be sent the equivalent of a HUP and modify their log level accordingly.

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The only log you are required to restart services is bprd.  For the rest, you can run the following instead of restarting services.

bin/admincmd/bprdreq -rereadconfig

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If that was the only one that had to get cycled, I'd just run "bprdreq -terminate" and then restart it. =) But it seems like every time I call in with an issue Support tells me I need to cycle daemons to enable a more verbose log.

So either it's still an issue, or their script is in need of an update. Thoughts on which ?

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