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PGP Support for BlackBerry - Encrypted e-mail with attachments

Created: 04 Juli 2012 | 1 Kommentar
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The idea is to give a user the ability to send an encrypted e-mail with attachments from a Blackberry device that is operating the PGP Support for BlackBerry package.

The package can receive (decrypt) emails with attachments and only send (encrypt) emails without attachments. There is no workaround for this and it is a mayor limitation of the PGP Support for BlackBerry package. It is holding back the package from being rolled out to a larger market audience, and limiting existing users tremendously.

Any update on the road plan or thoughts on this idea is much appreciated.


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There is a work around for this issue - using the S/MIME support package for BlackBerry you can both send and receive encrypted emails with attachements. The PGP Universal Server can be configured to generate X.509 certificates for use with S/MIME Encrypted email. 

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