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IDR: Wizard gives error message that it is not installed or credentials are not correct.

Created: 13 Mai 2011 • Aktualisiert: 19 Sept. 2011 | 1 Kommentar
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Ich auch!Gleiches Problem.
Produckt(e): Backup Exec, Backup Exec - 2010
Schweregrad: Keine Bedrohung von Daten / Wichtige Funktion
Status: Überprüfung / Informationsaufnahme
Technische Details: Weitere Informationen

When running the Backup Exec Intelligent Disaster Recovery Preparation Wizard on the Media Server where IDR is installed a message pops up stating:

"Unable to find Backup Exec installation on ServerName. Ensure that the
proper credentials are used to connect to ServerName.


This issue is caused by a connectivity issue with the Domain Controller.  When the IDR Wizard is run, the credentials are verified with the DC, if this cannot be verified the prompt to enter the credentials appears.

If the communications issue with the DC cannot be resolved this issue can be resolved by entering the local Administrator account credentials to run the IDR Wizard.

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The workaround will not work for me. The media server is also a DC, so it has no local admin ID.

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