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SharePoint - Backup and Archiving

Öffentliche Gruppe | Gegründet: 17 März 2010 | Anzahl Mitglieder: 113


Join this group to share your SharePoint backup and archiving experiences, learn from your peers, and converse with experts. SharePoint is quickly becoming a dominate application in all organizations across all verticals – it’s important to have an open forum to discuss, share, and learn from others who ARE and who HAVE BEEN in your shoes.  Backup and archiving considerations should always be a part of your planning process to ensure storage isn’t wasted, policies are being met, and you actually have a decent work/life balance.


New Videos 19 Feb 2015
Hi Friends, This is the latest video that shows us how to get our SharePoint data back when there is not way to restore the granular document with normal Netbackup Sharepoint Agent restore process. This can help restore the important  document and ...
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New Blog-Eintrag 29 May 2014
In case you missed it, Mediterranean Shipping has implemented Enterprise Vault to archive Exchange and SharePoint after having difficulties with EMC EmailXtender.  Mediterranean , the worlds second-largest container ship operator ...
New Blog-Eintrag 29 May 2014
If you're looking for a way to reduce the burden of document library growth and enable compliance within your SharePoint environment, view this new SharePoint Archiving demo.  We'll show you how to: Establish Archive and Retention ...
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