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Browser Selection Object in Action

Created: 12 Nov. 2010 • Aktualisiert: 05 Okt. 2012 | 2 Kommentare
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Most enterprises that are moving to Windows 7 are struggling with application compatibility issues, specifically IE8 compatibility for legacy IE6-only applications. Having a virtual IE6 layer helps mitigate that issue, but the end user experience would be greatly improved with the use of Symantec's Browser Selection Object tool.

Here's a silent video that shows what the end user experience is like with the Browser Selection Object in place.


  • IE6 virtual layer (very easy to create with the published LDFs on the Connect site)
  • Browser Selection Object tool installed

URLs used:

End user experiences/use cases covered in the video:

  • User launches native IE8 and browses to an IE6-only URL
  • User attempts to browse a non-IE6 only URL from IE6
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Great video - thanks for submitting

Brad - Facebook SEV Fanpage - - Follow Endpoint Virtualization updates on Twitter, at:

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Any chance we can get a tutorial to get BHSO working?


Daniel Lopes de Oliveira
Technical Team Leader - Endpoint Management & Mobility

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