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IM B04: Exchange Archiving and eDiscovery Realities

Created: 20 Nov. 2012 • Aktualisiert: 21 Nov. 2012
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Presenters: Brandy Markey, Alex Brown (Symantec)

"You better know what's in your brew or marshmallows."  Understand what you are potentially getting into if you choose Exchange built-in archiving and eDiscovery.   Follow the travels of Stuart, an Exchange administrator who blindly embarks on an Exchange migration only to wake up to a world of hurt, surprises and unmet expectations. Mistakes were made. Let’s retrace his steps, and we’ll show how Symantec Enterprise Vault™ could have helped avoid those mistakes and provide a pathway out of his misery. Don't be like Stuart - be informed when you migrate to Exchange, and know how Exchange and Enterprise Vault are better together.