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Custom Inventory for IE Version

Created: 02 Apr 2014 • Updated: 02 Apr 2014 | 7 comments
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Due to XP EOL and Patches not being distributable via Altiris I had to come up with a way to patch IE as we will be receiving the XP updates for one more year (paid service).

I have not learned how to do detection rules or applicability rules yet but it is on my to do list. Hopefully this will help someone.

OS side is easy to do but IE is more difficult as Add Remove Programs does not contain ALL machines with IE versions.

You need to create a custom data class:

  1. All Settings> Discovery and Inventory> Inventory Solution> manage Custom Data Classes
  2. Name MUST BE AeX OS Internet Explorer (or you need to edit the vbs to reflect your name)
  3. Attribute: Version
  4. Data type: String
  5. Size: 50 (left default but you can change)
  6. Key: No
  7. Required: No



  1. Copy in AexOSIE.vbs to your software repository
  2. Add new software item to the catalog
  3. Command line: wscript.exe aexosie.vbs



  1. Target your machines and schedule to run


After the inventories start coming in you then can target. I am planning on doing a dynamic filter that will utilize machines in a specific version of IE then also use the " NOT IN " AddRemove table for the KB


select Guid from vResource where ResourceTypeGuid in 
(select ResourceTypeGuid from ResourceTypeHierarchy 
where BaseResourceTypeGuid='493435f7-3b17-4c4c-b07f-c23e7ab7781f')
Select t2.[ResourceGUID]
FROM [vCollection] t1 inner join
[CollectionMembership] t2 on t1.GUID = t2.CollectionGUID inner join
[Inv_Aex_AC_Identification] t3 on t2.ResourceGUID = t3._resourceGUID
WHERE t1.[Name] = 'Windows XP Computers'
and t2.[ResourceGUID] NOT IN 
select t1._ResourceGuid
from [Inv_AddRemoveProgram] t1
where t1.DisplayName like '%(KB2718523)%'))

That is it. I hope it helps someone else out. I understand this may not be the easiest but it does work. Since I am reading that Patch does the detection rules, that maybe the best approach but until I learn that, this will have to do.



  • AexOSIE.doc - rename to .vbs as this is the custom inventory vbs
  • Internet Explorer Version by Machine.xml - custom report showing machine name and IE version - right click enabled
  • Internet Explorer Version Count.xml - custom report with a simple IE Version and count


Jeffrey J. Riggs

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Here is the end result in a report. I am very happy with this as now I can target my machines for patches when we receive them (although only IE8 and above will be getting patched!!!) so need to upgrade to at least IE8



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Hi TeleFragger!

I am looking for this kind of report too but for google chrome.... Hope you can assist a stranger for this matter.

Thank you in advance!!!

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Oops, just realized the question on the same for Chrome was an old question.  Oh well, I already created a report query so here it is in case someone else finds it useful.


     ARP.DisplayName AS 'Software Name',

     ARP.[Publisher] AS 'Publisher',

     ARP.[DisplayVersion] AS 'Version',

     COUNT(DISTINCT ARP.[_ResourceGuid]) AS 'Quantity'

FROM [Inv_AddRemoveProgram] ARP


ARP.[DisplayName] = 'Google Chrome' and ARP.InstallFlag = 1





ORDER BY ARP.[DisplayName] asc, arp.DisplayVersion asc

Joe VanHollebeke
Systems Engineer

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i will help ya out in a bit...

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Where can the output of this script be found once it is ran against an existing filter?

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I think I may have found where I lost you.. I tell you how to set this up but not how to distribute I will add that later as im at home on a tablet and unable too at this time.


do you know how to create a policy to distribute? you specify what machines to target. Personally I would setup a new policy to use the software as listed... and for target I would choose the ALL COMPUTERS filter. Then you got them all..

I guess I missed that step so will add it... try to do tomorrow and I will walk through this to make sure it flows.. sorry for the missed step.


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Hey TeleFragger.

Thanks for this, its exactly what I am looking for.  However when I try to import the Computer Count report, I get a error message that is is not a valid XML file.  The report by machine imports and works perfectly.  I looked at the .XML and it looks good to me.  Can you download it and try it to see if you get the same.  If you don't do you have any idea what my problem would be with just that one report?

Thanks again for your time.



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