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Custom Inventory for XP Reboot Pending After Manual Patching

Created: 11 Apr 2014
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Ok so I am gathering various items needed to patch XP and IE with SWD instead of the Patch Management Solution as XP has gone EOL. We are purchasing XP patches from Microsoft for one more year until we migrate over to Windows 7.

I have the entire process figured out and working and I will be placing an article up soon on how I am doing all of this.

When you manually install a patch from Microsoft there is a registry key that created:

This key (UpdateExeVolatile) only gets created when a patch is installed and a reboot is needed. Once the machine is rebooted then the key is removed.

My custom inventory checks if this key exists and works from there.

I have this setup as follows:

  • Filter
  • Custom Data Class
  • Custom Inventory vbs
  • Policy


Basic SQL code to dynamically generate the filter
I am excluding some filters - Site Servers, Windows 7 and Vista


Data Class:

  • Name: AeX OS Reboot Status - can change but must change in vbs
  • Attribute: Reboot Status
  • Data type: String
  • Size: 50
  • Key: No
  • Required: No


Custom Inventory vbs:

I keep all of our custom inventories in one catalog entry as the policy drives what and when you run it.



Depending on your needs this can be ran Daily, Weekly or combinations where you can add the software piece to an existing policy after you deploy your software or patches. I am running this daily @ 1am and also runs once as machines check in.




I hope this helps someone out and hoping the XP EOL Patching Article I am going to place also helps.

Please rename the attached file to .vbs from .txt

You can create reports that may assist in getting machines rebooted. I do not have the need for this so none are shown but here is a quick look and you can join vcomputer or inv_aex_ac_identification to add Name, OS Name, Client Date, etc....