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Dell Product information from SMP

Created: 14 Nov 2012 • Updated: 26 Nov 2012 | 6 comments
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Ever wanted to quickly look up the Warranty status for a Dell computer and either don't have or haven't filled out the components on Asset Manager?

Here is a right-option for the SMP that will allow you to open the Dell Product Information portal for a specific serial number.

The steps to do this are very simple and can be reinterpreted to do many other things.

  1. Go to Settings - Console - Right Click Options
  2. Right click on 'User Defined' and select New - Right-click Options
  3. In the top 'Name' field, name it 'Dell Lookup'
  4. Set the 'Resource Type' to 'Computer' - this will limit the option to only show on 'Computer' resources
  5. Add an Expression, Select Inventory - Hardware - Chassis - Serial Number, Click Ok
  6. In the drop-down, set it to 'Not Null' - this will limit the option to only show on 'Computers' where the SN is not empty
  7. Add an Expression, Change the value for this line to Inventory - Software - BIOS Element - Manufacturer, Click Ok
  8. In the drop-down, set it to 'Like' and in the field that now appears enter %Dell% - this now limits the option to only show on Dell Computers with a SN
  9. In the 'Action Type', set it to 'URL'
  10. In the 'Base URL', enter Number%
  11. In the 'Open In', set it to 'New Window'
  12. In the 'Substitution Parameters', click 'Add'
  13. In 'Group', select Inventory - Hardware - Chassis
  14. Select 'Serial Number' and add it to the right hand column
  15. Hit Ok
  16. Save Changes

If you were to now go to Manage - Computers and right click on a Dell computer that you have Serial Number information via Inventory - you will see 'User Defined - Dell Lookup' as an option. To clean this up a little bit.

  1. Go to Settings - All Settings
  2. Navigate down to Notification Server - Right Click Menu
  3. Right click on 'Right Click Menu', select New - Folder
  4. Name the folder 'Dell'
  5. Navigate further down to User Defined - Dell Lookup
  6. Right click on 'Dell Lookup' and select 'Move', Move it to Settings - Notification Server - Right Click Menu - Dell
  7. Click Ok

The 'Dell Lookup' will now appear as a right click option on machines that are Dell computers that have a Serial Number in the database.

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Hi Mthrift,

     Nice post.But the above method worked will for Dell computers.

I tried the same for Lenovo website,but we can't pass the serial number to the below lenovo page.


It opens the website in new page,but we have to enter the serial number manually again.Do you have any solution for Lenovo?

Thanks for all your effort.


Thanks & Regards,

Viswanath Sampath

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Great work. Now to get a report that says the same information would be great. I do have 1 edit for you though. Your link you posted takes you to the drivers section. If you use this link it takes you to the actual warranty status page. Number%

I've always wanted to check out the right click options and never have. Any suggestions on where to find more information on the RC options?

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Lenovo devices are particularly difficult for me to test as I do not have a Lenovo device to work with in personal lab that I am building these on. 

From the limited testing that I have done

  1. Change Step 8 to '%Lenovo%' - you may want to check that the devices are showing this as the Manf and alter if required
  2. Change Step 10 to use Number%

This seems to work with sample Lenovo serial numbers that I have worked with.

You can also extend this to work for HP (though I found the site a little hit or miss on SN#'s actually responding

  1. Change Step 8 to either '%HP%' or '%Hewlett%' (or both)
  2. Change Step 10 to use Number%

Let me know if that works for you.

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Thanks for the heads up there. I had actually intended to use that URL but got sidetracked (like we all haven't been there at some point) on another thought regarding the drivers etc and didn't really notice until you pointed it out.

I have updated the article and the download accordingly.

Unfortunately, to do a report you would really need to have this in the database through Asset Management.

The main purpose of the article was not only to give a quick way of checking Warranty status to customers who currently do not have AMS, but also act as a teaser to how the console and database can be extended to suit individual needs.

You may find this one interesting as well 'Manage Network Devices from SMP'

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          It works for both Lenovo & Dell. Thanks for all your help.

Thanks & Regards,

Viswanath Sampath

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Looks like the URL for the Right Click Action needs to be updated to: Number%/

You will then be forced to enter a Verification Check to expose the Warranty Information.

There is a prompt that you can bypass this verification check by logging into your Dell Account, but this adds another layer of overhead. 

Russ Scovel
Inside Systems Engineer

Altiris SOS – Endpoint Management and Mobility
Symantec Corporation

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