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Everything you need to test NetBackup Search

Created: 02 Nov 2011 • Updated: 05 Oct 2012
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What does NetBackup Search do?

Am I a good candidate to test this feature?  

  1. Do you have a lab/testing environment?
  2. Do you have the time to test?

If you answered yes to both of those questions and after watching the video posted below you're interested in testing this feature, please send Jed Gresham a private message here on Symantec Connect and you will be added to the list.

How do I get help if I run into a problem?

Who should I contact if I'd like to test a NetBackup 7.5 Beta signature feature and win prizes? If you'd like to test one of the five focus areas of the NetBackup 7.5 Beta and have a chance to win prizes, please send a private message to Jed Gresham through Symantec Connect. 

What kind of prizes can I win in the Beta program?  Please see the contest thread here:

When does this Beta program end?  Please see the contest thread here:

What is NetBackup 7.5 Beta Program Feature Testing Intro Search.wmv?  This is recording of the testing introduction for the Search feature, it describes what tests we want done, the feedback we would like to see, and the contests.

What is the NetBackup 7.5  Beta Testing Search and Hold Results.docx?  This is the testing doc to download and fill out with your Search and Hold testing.