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How to export the list of all Backup Exec Remote Agent servers in Backup Exec 2012

Created: 05 Jun 2014 • Updated: 06 Jun 2014 | 2 comments
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The following scripts will enable you to find all servers with Remote Agents installed and will export to a .csv file. It is strongly suggested to use these scripts on a test environment first:

1. Download the "" file.

2. Extract it to a folder.

3. Move the folder to a server where Backup Exec Database (BEDB) is stored.

4. If the Backup Exec instance is the default one (BKUPEXEC), go to Step 7. Otherwise continue with the next step.

5. Edit the "ServerListScript.bat" file and replace "BKUPEXEC" string with the name of the non-default Backup Exec instance.

6. Save the file after the changes.

7. Run the "ServerListScript.bat".

8. On the same location the "ServerList.csv" file will be created. This file contains the names of the servers.

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Hi Guys,

Is there no utility inside Backup Exec to export a list of servers that have either no Agent installed or have an agent installed? Or is there no option to just export a list of servers like there is in NetBackUp?  What worries me is the disclaimer "It is strongly suggested to use these scripts on a test environment first" I dont have a test environment that i can test this on and the process seems invasion on the Backup Exec DB. 

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I'll use the PowerShell modules... Thx.. 

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