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NS6 Client Tool for Collection Management Functions

Created: 22 Jan 2010 • Updated: 22 Jan 2010 | 1 comment
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Do you ever need to quickly add/remove a PC from an inclusion or exclusion list in a collection? Do you wish you had a fat client tool that could do just that without filtering all the way through the console? Well here is another tool to add to your collection. (Pun intended).


This is a tool that allows PCs to be added and removed from a collections inclusion or exclusion list.

The ASDK is required to be loaded on the NS Server. It is not required on the client machines. The PC name and the Collection name field will autopopulate.

The app.config has two settings that need to modified:


For the domain you will need to enter the netbios name that shows under the domain column in Altiris reports. For instance the DNS domain name may be, but the netbios domain name is AltirisNet.


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Very nice Robert.  Any chance that it could be made a bit more configurable, such as in the .config file allowing for putting in a static list of collection GUIDs and labels?  And even better if said configuration file could then be encrypted so as to prevent anyone from nosing around in it and/or adding additional collections they shouldn't be (or does the collection selection logic filter to only those collections the user has write access to?)

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