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OnEvent Wizard for SVS Layers

Created: 08 Dec 2007 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010 | 4 comments
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In a stroke of pure laziness after a long day at work, I decided to make a wizard written in batch script for OnEvent actions in SVS Layers. The product turned out to be useful for myself so I decided to make it available to anyone suffering from the same fear of non-automated tasks that I do. So here it is. If you make any improvements please post it up again. I would like to see it.

This script uses the %VZ_LAYER_METADIR% variable to allow your selected script or executable to be packaged inside the VSA. This is probably the standard for most of you, but I wanted to make that clear since I wasn't very descriptive the first time.


  1. You will be asked for a layer name to add an OnEvent Action to.
  2. You will be asked what folder the script lies in that will be run.
  3. You will be asked the name of the script.
  4. Finally you will have to choose which event will run the script.

If all goes well everything else is done for you.


License: AJSL
By clicking the download link below, you agree to the terms and conditions in the Altiris Juice Software License
Support: User-contributed tools on the Juice are not supported by Altiris Technical Support. If you have questions about a tool, please communicate directly with the author by visiting their profile page and clicking the 'contact' tab.

Editor's Note: For the corporate packaging guru, Wise Package Studio 7 Professional includes an events editor within the Virtual Package Editor. WPS Pro also includes WiseScript, an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use technology that allows you to build single executables for complex OnEvent actions. See this and this for examples.

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I am aware of Wise's ability to add Wise Scripts to OnEvent actions as well as one off commands. This script allows me to add EXEs, Jars, Bats, VBS, and anything else you can think of to all the available OnEvents. Best part is, it does it for me. Nice Job.

PS Liked your animation too.

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Part of my layer building script proactively adds the events to the layer via the Registry (my build machine is clean and so the layer I'm building always uses layer numbers 1 and 2). The reg file I import contains these lines:


Later, if I want to add a script to an event, I just have to edit the Registry to point to the file in the appropriate Registry value, usually OnPostActivate or OnPostImport.

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Thanks Pascal! I've fixed the links within the download post - they work now!


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