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Patch Reboot Popup and Force Reboot on OK Push

Created: 28 Apr 2014
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Since XP is now EOL and I created a process to deploy the patches via SWD, I still needed to handle various pieces that SWD does not do that the Patch Management Solution does. This Download will popup a message on the client machine for machines that need a reboot after patching. If the user hits OK the machine WILL reboot.


Custom Inventory for XP Reboot Pending After Manual Patching -

  1. Follow steps in Prerequisite section for custom inventory and dynamic filter creation
  2. Rename this file from .txt to .exe
  3. Import into the Software Catalog (no special switches)
  4. Create a policy to target the dynamic filter
    1. Policy has some configuration items so please see screenshots below

Download File:

Rename to something of your choice. This file was created with Flexera Admin Studio 2013 and compiled into an exe. Nothing special but a popup and reboot. To cancel the popup without rebooting end task in Task Manager.



Software Catalog:


Filter from Prerequisite:

I also exclude Server/Vista and any other OS filters I do not want this to show on however I do inventory ALL 





Advanced Options are needed..

  • You want to only run this when a user is logged on
  • Allow user to interract
  • Display Window: Normal - so it shows on screen


Running this .exe file this way ties up the Altiris Agent until the machine is rebooted. For us a machine could be up for months. To get around this we utilize the Terminate After. I have chosen 20hrs so this way once the reboot prompt terminates, anything queued up will run.


Target your Dynamic Filter



I use 2am as it is in the past and will run IMMEDIATELY for the first time if needed. I then have a 4am daily run. Remember the prerequisite custom inventory runs @ 1am so this gives time for filters to populate and update.



Sampe of exe running:


Hope this helps you!