PXE Forced Mode Utility

Created: 28 Sep 2006 • Updated: 20 Apr 2007
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With Deployment Server 6.8 two new modes of operation have been added to PXE that allow greater flexibility with an Altiris PXE server. These modes of operation are PXE Forced Mode, and PXE Interactive Mode.

In order to use these new modes of operation you need to manually set some DHCP options on your DHCP server. One of these options (option 043) requires some ugly work with Hexidecimal numbers, and is error prone.

The attached zip file contains a small utility that I made that helps to automate that process. Run the program, follow through the steps in the help file also included in the zip file, and you should be able to use these new modes of operation with much more ease.

Note: I have not completely finished my work with PXE Interactive mode. I will be resubmitting the tool after I have finished that work. Currently the tool only supports PXE Forced Mode, which happens to be used much more often.

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Can be used also for DS 6.1

Can be used also for DS 6.1 SP2 ?