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Support Tools for Storage Foundation HA 5.1

Created: 07 Dec 2009 • Updated: 07 Dec 2009
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This download, VRTSspt, is included in the the 5.1 binaries you downloaded or got via DVD. But you may not have installed it; here’s a brief explanation.

What's in it & why you care:
The tools in this package are key supportability tools, including VRTSExplorer, metasave, and others. If everything is going well, you will never need them. However, if you need support, you may find yourself downloading these tools as part of your support case. It’s better, in most cases, to have these tools already on the server, because it speeds up your support.

Why you may not have installed it:
5.1 provides three choices for installation: bare minimum; recommended (the default); and everything plus optional extras. There are good arguments for saying this package is 'bare minimum' and there are good arguments for saying that it is merely 'recommended'. In the 5.1 release, this package was assigned to the 'recommended' category. So, if you chose the “Minimum Install” instead of the (default) “Recommended Install”, consider adding this package.

The download itself is a .zip file with four directories, one for each platform 5.1 supports.