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new discussion 01 Feb 2015
Hi! Can someone explain me how to delete ALL tickets in SerivceDesk? I`ve found this topic: But it`s describe how to delete one specific ticket. I need sql query code to clean all ticket. Thanks in advance!
updated article 30 Jan 2015
This article sits in its original format (along with many others) at  This should amount to a good starting point for using custom CSS code to style your Workflow forms.     An example of a standard ServiceDesk login form.   Using CSS, we’re able to style the form elements to our heart’s ...
new discussion 01 Feb 2015
Hi! Can someone explain me how to delete ALL tickets in SerivceDesk? I`ve found this topic: But it`s describe how to delete one specific ticket. I need sql query code to clean all ticket. Thanks in advance!
new discussion 30 Jan 2015
I am trying to automate a bitlocker image in Altiris, and have everything 99% good to go, but am stuck on the command to actually enable bitlocker. I currenly have "manage-bde.exe -on C: -rp -TPMandPIN" The problem is, it needs the PIN to be inputed twice, and I am not sure how to make the script wait, and put in the PIN when the computer asked for it.
updated article 30 Jan 2015
This article sits in its original format (along with many others) at  This should amount to a good starting point for using custom CSS code to style your Workflow forms.     An example of a standard ServiceDesk login form.   Using CSS, we’re able to style the form elements to our heart’s ...
new article 30 Jan 2015
Below is an example on how to create a report to show which incident tickets had survey sent. Choose a relevant report category where to place the report and click the plus icon to Add Standard Report. Click on Select Data Source, keep Default and click OK. Under Process Management Section select Add Processes To Report and click OK. In the same Process Management section select Prefix ...
updated article 29 Jan 2015
Inventory Solution will gather font data from client machines running supported versions of the Mac OS X operating system.  Font Types Inventory Solution will search for the following font types:   True Type Fonts:  FFIL ttf dfont PostScript Type 1 LWFN SFNT pfa pfb OpenType PostScript otf  Note: TTC fonts, which are collections of fonts, are not included. ...
updated article 29 Jan 2015
This article contains some cases about problems in CEM environment, where you can find their root cause and possible solution for your case. Note!: All these description steps were done, using SMP 7.5 SP1 release build! List of cases to check in attached "CEM issues troubleshooting.docx": Impossible to enable "Reporting" for added SMP Server in CEM Gateway and you're receiving "Failed to ...
updated article 27 Jan 2015
Since there are many requests for a document with accurate Symantec Management Platform Agent version numbers and to verify a successful SMP Agent upgrade I created a small Excel Sheet with all version numbers known (by me) at this time of creating the sheet. This document should give you an overview of all agent versions for theSymantec Client Management Suite. Starting from version 7.5 ...
new article 26 Jan 2015
It is important to know status of recent Symantec_CMDB database backups.That can be achieved directly in SMP Console. That can be easily achieved via report in SMP Console. You should be aware of timing and duration of each backup, so that you can schedule other DB-intense jobs accordingly. You also need to be aware of successful backup completion, to be assured that restoration is ...
new article 26 Jan 2015
Last week I took a look at ammending power plans in Windows 7. The aim was to create an Altiris job which ammended laptop power plans to stop them going to sleep when their lid was closed. This was for laptops which were likely to be used for presentations. The options were, Create a new power plan using powercfg's import/export capability Ammend an existing power plan using powercfg's ...
updated blog entry 30 Jan 2015
In some case, after upgrading DS, the PECTAgent.exe is crashing in automation with "application error" or without any error message. From the PECTAgent. logs we see as final lines: " " the PECTAgent.exe crashes and stops Suspected cause of this is corrupted .dll components. Compare the size of the .dll files below taken from a DS 7.5 SP1 HF4 ...
updated blog entry 28 Jan 2015
Thanks to all those who attended our webcast today on Deployment Solution. Download or Playback the Webcast Recording Slides used during the webcast are included with this blog post Part 2 of this webcast will be on March 3. Mark your calendar! Q & A transcript is below Q&A Session for Symantec Deployment Solution Webcast - December 3, ...
updated blog entry 22 Jan 2015
If you are experiencing problems booting into WinPE 4.0 or PECTAgent connectivity issues it may be because you are missing some NIC or Storage driver. (For troubleshooting purposes also try to change the BIOS options from AHCI to IDE) HP provides a sets of drivers specifically designed to work with WinPe 4.0 HP Elite 8300 SFF, HP 8200 SFF and HP EliteDesk 800 G1 as ...
updated blog entry 22 Jan 2015
Legacy BIOS Vs UEFI More info at: More info at: also: NOTE: If you found the above information useful, please give this article a thumbs-up(top right of the post) or add a comment below. Your feedback will ...
updated blog entry 21 Jan 2015
Link to VIDEO: A quick tour through some of the outstanding features of Symantec IT Management Suite, powered by Altiris technology. Learn more by visiting: Like&Share with your colleagues customers and friends Regards, Mauro
updated download 26 Jan 2015
Today's download is one I use a lot. It's a script which converts a text file containing raw T-SQL to a format more readily consumed by programming code. I do a lot of task automation that embeds T-SQL, and this little script is invaluable. Using the Windows explorer drag and drop file action, this script enables me to instantly convert a T-SQL script file which ...
updated download 21 Nov 2014
This content was delivered to the Chicago Endpoint Management User Group on Friday, November 21, 2014.  Topics include: Getting Started Platform Migration Support Best Practice for Planning & Implementation
new download 21 Nov 2014
Credit to ArturoDFW for pointing me in the right direction on this one with his post on Missing report Windows Compliance by Computer - Details in NS7. I needed a way to get the "Windows Compliance by Bulletin" report to only show data related to updates which have a severity rating of Critical or Important.  If you want to include higher or lower patch severity ratings, you can easily ...
updated event 30 Jan 2015
Please join us for 2 days of free technical training, lectures and roadmaps based on ITMS 7.6 This will be held in Symantec Executive Briefing Center, 350 Brook Drive, Green Park, Reading For Symantec Partners - March 24th > 25th For Customers - March 26th > 27th This training will include lectures and hands-on labs led by premier Altiris experts from Symantec. ...
updated event 28 Jan 2015
Please join us for the next Connecticut Endpoint Management User Group meeting on February 10th from 9:00am to 12:00pm at Middlesex Hospital. The meeting will start at 9:00am but there will be a continental breakfast available at 8:30am. Breakfast and Lunch will be served! Agenda Continental breakfast, Welcome & Introductions Address the Advisory Board What's New in ITMS 7.5 by Troy ...
updated event 16 Jan 2015
Please join us for the next Michigan Endpoint Management User Group meeting on February 20 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the offices of Tower. Lunch will be served! Agenda: Welcome & Introductions Automating IT process with Workflow Solution Workflow Overview Examining Real-live Use Cases Best Practices Delivering Tangible ROI with Asset Management Suite 4 Levels of Software ...
new event 12 Jan 2015
Join our upcoming webcast to learn best practices and strategies for securing, migrating and protecting your legacy environment. Learn how to solve for the upcoming Windows Server 2003 end of support, we'll cover: Recommendations and best practices for systems running Windows Server 2003 How to effectively secure systems that cannot be upgraded How to migrate to new platforms and operating ...
updated event 08 Dec 2014
Please join us for the Salt Lake City Endpoint Management User Group Holiday Happy Hour at Noah's on December 11th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Get together with the Salt Lake City User Group to enjoy food and drinks! There will be representatives from Symantec Product Management present. Generate enthusiasm Provide feedback for this User Group and the program Review the board members roles and ...
updated event 20 Nov 2014
NetX a Symantec Authorized Training Partner (ATP) delivers Instructor-led Training Classes either on-site or remotely.  We offer over 20 different Symantec Classes, for a complete list please visit Attend from your home, office or one of our convenient locations.   Our training classes are Guaranteed to Run, We Never Cancel!  Symantec Client Management ...
updated video 13 Jan 2015
In this Video we will discuss how to add simple automation to the boot disks created with the BDC.  Additionaly we will add command line switches to the ghost32.exe and ghost64.exe.    For referance see Apendix A from the Ghost Implementation Guide  for more use examples.  See Switches: Alphabetical list of switches for a list of most of the ghost ...
updated video 09 Jan 2015
This is a walk through of adding windows 8.0 (PE 4) Drivers to the Symantec Boot Disk Creator from TECH 223404. I will follow the steps noted in TECH227489.   We will go over how to download, extract driver files from the NIC manufacturer web page.   You will need to add drivers to the Boot Disk Creator if your Ghost boot disk boots up but you do not have network ...
updated video 08 Jan 2015
This is a walk through of TECH 223404. Showing how to download, extract and set up the new Ghost Boot Disk Creator 3.0. It includes instructions on downloading the Windows PE files from Microsoft and importing them to the Ghost Boot Disk Creator. See for information on the Boot Disk Creator. 
updated video 21 Oct 2014
This silent video shows the steps to add a basic URL POST SMS function to the Symantec Service Desk AD Password reset workflow.
new idea 29 Jan 2015
This might be one of those "bear with me" moments but it would be nice if the "Run Task..." link on the Resource Manager page of a Patch bulletin actually ran the task that the bulletin is refering too. For example, if I am looking that the Resource Manager page of Adobe bulletin APSB15-02 I can see the resource associations which include the software packages, along with right-click actions, ...
updated idea 28 Jan 2015
Please include KB2899518 in MS 14-081 that is critical by tech net
new idea 23 Jan 2015
I use these all the time and love them.  Would love ability to add Filters to the list as I spend a decent amount of time in there, as do our helpdesk techs. I'm not missing an existing setting somewhere to do this am I?
new idea 21 Jan 2015
When imaging, rather than imaging through the console, our techs rely on the list of jobs popping up for them once in PXE. The list is configured under Settings - Deployment - Initial Deployment for both unknown and known/managed computers. It would be nice to have the ability to re-order Jobs in those lists to put new or important jobs at the top. Currently to do this (7.5.1 HF5), to add ...
new idea 20 Jan 2015
Please consider to look into simplifying the upgrade process for Site Servers Few points (maybe others will join me with more ideas):  - Provide one and only upgrade policy for all 3 site server roles - task, package and network boot - depending on what the individual server has as a role is installed.  - Let this policy include Deployment Package Server Components as well.  - ...
new idea 20 Jan 2015
Could the following update to .NET 4.5.2 update be added to PMImport please? 2901983 Update to .NET Framework 4.5.2
new idea 19 Jan 2015
I request a report be added to show what policy the bulletin and update is in for patching please.  I need to have a way of auditing the  policies to know what patches are included in the policy.
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