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Status: Partially Implemented
It would be nice to have a list of known and confirmed bugs that Symantec support knows with a plan to fix it and maybe voting system (like in ideas) that we may vote what should be fixed first. With a bug there should be also ETA for a fix (in what release it will be fixed). Sometimes there is a known problem and even whitepapers available but only for internal use and it would be handy to be able to seek and reference something when calling support (obviously I'm not expecting that some ...
Suggested: 11 Jun 2009 by pbogu | 55 comments - last comment 06 Dec 2013 by _Brian
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Status: In Review
With Altiris7 we are stuck to use Internet Explorer 7. I'd really like to see FULL browser support for any of the major browsers on any common platform. This should function under Windows, but I'd also like to have full console functionality when using a Linux or MAC platform to access it.
Suggested: 27 May 2009 by PeeGee | 9 comments - last comment 16 Jan 2015 by david_evans
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FEATURE REQUEST: pcAnywhere support SSO authentication can pass from the Windows logged in user to pcA authentication, so avoid request login/pwd again, and expose them storing those into PCA, instead of following best practice using Pass-through authentication. I can understand in a workgroup mode, or local authentication, or NT authentication level, or not window scomputer, that it is mandatory to ask fo credential before intiating a remote session. But when using CMS7 with ...
Suggested: 12 Jul 2010 by Pascal KOTTE | 47 comments - last comment 18 Feb 2013 by LShackleton
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Status: Implemented
Notification Server 6 had a button in many of its interfaces that copied the current grid (reports and collections mainly) to the clipboard.  As the clipboard was used this would often traverse terminal services sessions.  This information could then easily be pasted directly into a spreadsheet and manipluated on the fly.  With a couple of vlookups and filters this was an extremely quick way of providing adhoc reporting. SMP7 has dropped this button and the new option to save ...
Suggested: 03 Feb 2010 by SharkSmart | 16 comments - last comment 06 Sep 2015 by Richard_Combes
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Status: Implemented
not responding long-running script If you are freezed the Altiris console, on a screen not answering. And because Altiris console has a good memory last position, you can't go out this freezed screen. (eg. locations in Asset)...  Don't search a lot, and check your IE version: If IE 10 or 11, all the same in "compatible" mode, it is normal. All the same wih HF4 latest 7.5 version, Altiris only compatible IE 9 version, with activated "compatible" mode. In fact, only IE8 is the single ...
Suggested: 21 Feb 2014 by Pascal KOTTE | 28 comments - last comment 28 Jun 2014 by Pascal KOTTE
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Provide the ability to update a specific target on demand like you can with Filters.  There is a connect forum post going on about this specific need. This feature would be used to get policies to apply to PCs immediately.  If you have a policy that needs to be applied or removed from a computer the current design does not allow for this to happen immediately.  You must wait for the membership update ...
Suggested: 04 Jan 2011 by robertser | 3 comments - last comment 20 Feb 2013 by JoeVan
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Status: Implemented
This is a request to enable the Altiris Knowledge Base (KB) to be searchable via Google or other search engine.  This will allow customers to be able to find information about Altiris when using a standard internet search.  This will also allow this information to be cached by Google and other search engines so that it is available when the Altiris KB is down. Many other vendors, such as Microsoft, allow their knowledge bases to be searched via standard internet search engines.
Suggested: 23 Nov 2009 by mgreen | 7 comments - last comment 15 May 2015 by mgreen
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With Helpdesk, we had the ability to automatically create child tickets using an Automation Rule. This functionality does not seem to exist in ServiceDesk. This was something we used quite a bit for automatically creating child incidents for things like New hires and Terminations, so the individual incidents could be assigned to those responsible for creating network logins, application logins, setting up hardware, etc.
Suggested: 29 Sep 2010 by jhribar | 1 comment - last comment 14 Jun 2012 by
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Hey Everyone, If your organization is anything like ours, you have multiple Altiris users in different areas of your environment.  I know that you can go the local shares under computer management for the main Altiris server and see which users are connected up and which files they are using such as express.exe or the number of sessions open, but it would be nice if you didn't have to dig around on the main server and there was a button or area under the local console to prevent ...
Suggested: 25 Jun 2009 by Palvaran | 1 comment - last comment 17 Apr 2013 by Luke Grimm
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Status: Implemented
Hello... No more comment: ... For those wanted to try their own: see : Any news Symantec ???
Suggested: 10 Dec 2010 by Pascal KOTTE | 82 comments - last comment 06 May 2014 by mmengoni
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