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new discussion 28 Aug 2015
Ok so we do not use DS (yet) and I am cleaning up my package servers after going to 7.5 sp1. I had some packages that were pointing to a static server which is no longer valid and now they use a location on NS which all others are set to.. so general house cleaning that was my doing.. however... DS - Automation Folder is empty and my package servers are saying  retrying ...
updated article 27 Aug 2015
When installing the SMP agent for Mac, the installation fails or displays an expired certificate message. This affects only the SMP Agent for Mac 7.5 SP1+. It does not affect any 7.6 versions. When running the agent install from a command line, the following error appears in the console: installer: Certificate used to sign package is not trusted. Use -allowUntrusted to override. When using the ...
updated article 20 Aug 2015
Ghost Solution Suite 3 utilizes a console to issue tasks and jobs to connected client machines. Without a registered client, the console is unable to run a task to a given machine. Installation of the client for the Ghost Console can be performed via the Remote Agent installer option on the Tools Menu in the Ghost Console, and a wizard will guide through the process. Credentials are supplied ...
updated article 19 Aug 2015
This procedure consists of several steps, the first part needs to be done in Workflow Desginer, second part is on SMP side. In my example I am defining translation to German language. As I’m not a German speaker, all the example translation is done with the help of Google translate, so please do not judge very strictly.  Steps for Workflow Designer: 1. In Workflow Designer go to Tools > ...
updated article 17 Aug 2015
 On occasion, it is necessary to troubleshoot Managed Software Delivery (MSD) detection rules. The following information may prove helpful to finding this information on both the NS and on a Unix, Linux and Mac (ULM) client computer.  For example, checking the contents of specific client-side files can verify that changes to the detection rule were received by the client during the ...
updated blog entry 20 Aug 2015
We held our first in our series of "How-to" webcasts for Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 on March 25, 2015. Download or playback the Webcast here: Download the slides from the Webcast See attached pdf (scroll to the very bottom of this post) Q&A We had a TON of questions (which is great!). See below for the Q & A ...
updated blog entry 13 Aug 2015
This article aims to help correct the problem when a technical matter a new category in ServiceDesk and the file is formatted wrong. When this occurs several categories of items are created and this flow is intended to eliminate several items to expedite the correction. Problem: Solution: List of all categories. You must remove the items from lsita you want to keep . The items remaining on ...
updated blog entry 11 Aug 2015
Are you looking for new content for your next user group meeting? In conjunction with the recent news about the expanded partnership between Bomgar and Symantec regarding the pcAnywhere replacement, Bomgar will be available to present its remote support solution to your group. Bomgar’s remote support solution is used by thousands of IT organizations and service desks worldwide to securely ...
updated blog entry 11 Aug 2015
ITS & Altrinsic Solutions' free Altiris Deployment webinar is just around the corner! Join Mark England to hear Quagmires Quandries and Snake Pits: Don’t Get Stuck on Deployments on Thursday 5/9/13 at 1pm CDT. Register now to save your spot!
new download 17 Aug 2015
I put this together over the past few days, after resuscitating an old custom inventory we had in our NS 6.0 environment.  It queries the Event Log for particular error messages that frequently indicate a failing disk (with a source of "Ntfs" or "Disk"), and additionally leverages Windows' support of SMART reporting on hard disks via the WMI ...
updated download 11 Aug 2015
Attached is a collection and series of reports useful in determing various activities and health of your NS, SMP platform, Agents, plug-in agents and additional platform metrics. These can be useful in diagnosing issues with replication, queue management, agent health, and other related platform actions.
updated download 11 Aug 2015
This is an update/new document to my first entry for how to use application metering properly. This document provides the entire updated process which has significant changes since the installation of SP2. I created this document and submitted it to Symantec engineering & developement as well as Symantec documentation teams, they made a couple of minor adjustments and published it interally as ...
updated download 11 Aug 2015
Attached is a report which you can import into your console which will allow you to search the Reports section for certain/specific reports. This will allow you to input some filter criteria based upon the Solution name and/or the Description of the report to filter/limit your search results. I've found this particularly useful for finding out what reports exist out-of-the-box for ...
updated download 11 Aug 2015
There was an excellent tool for monitoring Event Queues for the Altiris 6.x platform called QMon. However, due to changes in SMP 7.x this tool no longer works and I cannot find the orginal coder/writer to see if he would share his source code to update it for compatibility for SMP 7.x. In the meantime, here is a series of reports which will provide statistics for the activity in your event ...
updated download 11 Aug 2015
Abstract: On occasion, you may see empty package names in the Package Server Tab of the Symantec Management Agent. The following document explains the required steps to resolve this issue. Environment:  Symantec Management Platform 7.x Site Servers
updated download 11 Aug 2015
In order to nominate a Windows 2008 server as a Site Server with Task Services installed it must have Web Server (IIS) installed and properly configured. This document describes the steps required for a Windows 2008 server to be configured properly as a Site Server with Task Services installed.
updated event 11 Aug 2015
Please join us for the next Connecticut Endpoint Management User Group meeting on February 10th from 9:00am to 12:00pm at Middlesex Hospital. The meeting will start at 9:00am but there will be a continental breakfast available at 8:30am. Breakfast and Lunch will be served! Agenda Continental breakfast, Welcome & Introductions Address the Advisory Board What's New in ITMS 7.5 by Troy ...
updated event 11 Aug 2015
Please join us for a special webcast on Wednesday, October 9 for the launch of Symantec Endpoint Management 7.5 solutions powered by Altiris technology!  We will discuss how Endpoint Management 7.5 solutions will make your job easier, provide a few demo’s, and learn about some of the experiences of early adopters. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get up to speed ...
updated event 11 Aug 2015
Altrinsic Solutions and ITS have partnered to offer a free webinar on 5/9/13 at 1pm CDT. Join us to learn best practices for sysprep, driver management, application installation, and working in automation so you can avoid deployment booby traps in Altiris. Register here!
updated event 11 Aug 2015
NetX & Altrinsic Solutions' second webinar is just around the corner! We will be continuing our discussion on tricks to optimize your Altiris/SMP environment based on audience requests. Register now to save your spot!
updated event 11 Aug 2015
Altrinsic Solutions and NetX are partnering to offer a series of free webinars on "The Top Five Tricks to Optimize Your Altiris/SMP Environment." We will be discussing little-known deployment and configuration methods that help IT administrators optimize their environment's performance and fully leverage their Altiris investment so you won't want to miss it! You can register for ...
updated event 11 Aug 2015
Please join us for the official kickoff of the Virtual Workflow User Group on Wednesday, March 28 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm (Eastern). We have a great agenda lined up! Symantec Presentation: Jason Short, Symantec Workflow Product Manager, will provide an updated roadmap Workflow User Presentation: Rob Moore, Travelport, will present his certificate distribution process Don't miss this ...
updated event 11 Aug 2015
Join us for our next Connecticut Endpoint Management User Group meeting on Wednesday, October 19. We have a great agenda lined up! Ben Palmer from The Hartford will present on the Software Catalog Symantec will present on Patch Management 7.1 SP1 which includes the ability to patch 25+ commonly used third party Windows applications and distribute non-security related patches and service packs ...
updated event 11 Aug 2015
Join us for our next Connecticut Endpoint Management User Group meeting on Friday, May 20 at The Hartford. This meeting will include a presentation on Windows 7 migration by David Oyanadel and Steve Nelson from Eastern Connecticut State University. In addition, Ben Palmer from The Hartford will discuss their recent migration to ITMS 7.1. Lunch will be served! Agenda: 09:00 am – ...
updated event 11 Aug 2015
Join us for our next Connecticut Endpoint Management User Group meeting on Wednesday, October 20. Symantec Product Management will join us to provide a preview of ITMS 7.1 (new name for Total Management Suite). Breakfast and lunch will be served! Agenda: 08:30 am – Breakfast 09:00 am – Announcements & Introductions 09:15 am – ITMS 7.1 Preview 10:30 am – Discussion / ...
updated video 11 Jun 2015
"Free Your IT to focus on what really matters to your business, while giving your end users the consumer e-commerce experience they’re accustomed to. Actionable Integration: ServiceNow to Altiris makes this possible with a tight integration between ServiceNow and software deployment solutions like Symantec’s Altiris Endpoint Management Platform. In this video we’ll demonstrate the recently ...
updated video 03 Jun 2015
In this video, Stu Harris of ITS Partners, goes in depth to compare asset data with inventory data in Altiris Asset Management Suite.  If you want to contact Stu Harris for more information, feel free to drop him an email at
updated video 29 Apr 2015
In this presentation, we will preview the new capabilities in the Altiris platform provided by Bomgar technology with a focus on their integrated solution with ITMS 7.6 and how you can drive down support costs, improve end user satisfaction and manage any device in your organization – no matter where it is!
updated video 13 Apr 2015
This silent video is about how to boot a Mac client to Netboot Part 2. For Mac, the folder uses the Netboot image to boot the Mac client computers to the automation environment. To download this video for viewing, right click the mp4 file and choose "Save link as"
updated video 13 Apr 2015
This silent video is about how to boot a Mac client to Netboot Part 1. For Mac, the folder uses the Netboot image to boot the Mac client computers to the automation environment. To download this video for viewing, right click the mp4 file and choose "Save link as"
updated video 16 Mar 2015
In this screencast Rasmus Ronlev, Lead Solution Architect for ITS Partners will walk you through some visible and valuable feature changes in ITMS 7.6 at both the server and client level. If you would like to watch in HD, you can view it here. To learn more, be sure to visit us our website.
new video 13 Mar 2015
THE CHALLENGE Advancements in consumer product and delivery experiences have set high expectations for corporate IT. Today’s employees expect the service desk to know everything about everything connected to the corporate network, and to provide real time delivery on requests. The employees are often disappointed by opaque handoffs, unexplained delays, and lack of consistency. IT’s default ...
new idea 21 Aug 2015
It would be terrific if I could right-click a component and set it as a "favorite" or some similar vernacular, and then have it indefinitely show up in the component toolbox at the top and persist across projects.   The "recently used" section gets polluted very quickly and as such, i haven't used it in ages (and is project-specific).  Maybe it's me being lazy, but it just seems like ...
updated idea 11 Aug 2015
An article or document should be created that describes how & where the data is gathered from for the Computer Managment details in the "Flip Book" view in the Activity Center console. This information is easily accessible in this view, but there is no way to extract the data or print it out to pass along if necessary. Without knowing how this flip book is created, it is a substantial ...
updated idea 11 Aug 2015
Hey Guys The current notification is set to receive only just only the IP address and MAC address. This notification helps only to a certain point thought. Our company has more than 7k clients and we need to find the host name only with the IPs and MAC address which consumes mroe time. It would be great to add "host name" in the notification. Thanks Ganapathi. S
new idea 11 Aug 2015
Dear Symantec, I have just been importing a few .GHOs into the system and I cam up against two issues: 1) The GHOs were large, due to the amount of included specialist software and so the import was slow, because the files were being duplicated on the disk. 2) The disk on the server was small and so I needed to copy the files onto the disk (always recommended) and then delete them after ...
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