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updated article 20 Dec 2014
The Workflow DateTimePicker component uses the Language definition from your Browser to determine the format of the 'Output Data' variable. Here is what Firefox could say: In this example, the DateTimePicker component will use the 'ar-dz' Language since it is at the top of the list. Let us say that you would like to use the DateTime value in a Custom Search Form that specifies a Date ...
updated article 20 Dec 2014
ServiceDesk uses a 3rd party spell checker: One can reference multiple dictionaries with the following steps: 1) Download the updated Dictionaries from: NOTE: Not required, but recommended. 2) Open the respective .zip files and extract the .dic file. 3) Concatenate the ...
updated article 19 Dec 2014
  Component definition This component allows you to send an email to a recipient or recipients using an SMTP server. Component icon Definition of component input value or values Input values Addressing Input value name Input value data type Example format   To Addresses Text   CC Addresses Text   BCC ...
updated article 17 Dec 2014
Most imaging options in Deployment Solution 7.5 require very little direct intervention with client machines, instead being managed remotely via PXE or Automation Folders. In some cases a Deployment Solution user may need to use physical boot media for a machine. This article focuses on making stand-alone boot media, primarily for using Ghost tools. These are the steps for creating a ...
updated blog entry 23 Dec 2014
In some case, after upgrading DS, the PECTAgent.exe is crashing in automation with "application error" or without any error message. From the PECTAgent. logs we see as final lines: " " the PECTAgent.exe crashes and stops Suspected cause of this is corrupted .dll components. Compare the size of the .dll files below taken from a DS 7.5 SP1 HF4 ...
updated blog entry 23 Dec 2014
Ghost image is always getting split to 2 GB, even if: - the option "Maximum file size" is set to "Unlimited (Default)". - or if we specify in additional command line options =split=0   Because of HTTP imaging, during http transfer we force image into fat32, thus 2gb is max size even using switch: -split=0 and even using "Maximum file size" set to "Unlimited ...
updated blog entry 22 Dec 2014
If you are experiencing problems booting into WinPE 4.0 or PECTAgent connectivity issues( eg: unknown computer unable to connect to altiris server. PECTAgent.exe error) it may be because you are missing some NIC or Storage driver. (For troubleshooting purposes also try to change the BIOS options from AHCI to IDE) HP provides a sets of drivers specifically designed to work ...
updated blog entry 22 Dec 2014
To to re-download and re-install Windows ADK for WinPE 4.0 please follow the steps below: 1 - access and open "PreBootOs.ini" \Program Files\Altiris\Deployment\BDC\bootwiz\ 2 - At "[WINPE40_X64]" modify line "INSTALLED=True" to "False" This will cheat the system to think the ADK has not been installed yet 3 - Save "PreBootOs.ini" and re-start the SMP console (browser) 4 - ...
updated blog entry 18 Dec 2014
Thanks to all those who attended our webcast today on Deployment Solution. Download or Playback the Webcast Recording Slides used during the webcast are included with this blog post Part 2 of this webcast will be on February 4. Mark your calendar! Q & A transcript is below Q&A Session for Symantec Deployment Solution Webcast - December 3, ...
updated blog entry 17 Dec 2014
DA logs location and use on tech-notes below:   "DA logs are copied to production during the "Reboot To" production task (translation, if you do not run a reboot to production task and reboot another way, the logs are lost). The logs can be found here: Automation: x:\program ...
new blog entry 15 Dec 2014
For maintenance purpose you may like this report: You can easily create your new SQL Report with Role Name, Created/Modified Date and Description: Here is the query for you: SELECT TOP 1000 [Name]       ,[CreatedDate]       ,[ModifiedDate]       ,[Description]   FROM ...
updated blog entry 09 Dec 2014
The "Prepare for image capture" stays on "waiting for agent to get the task"indefinitely or until it times-out The SMA on the client machine gets the task Sysprep runs for few seconds and then it stops without returning any error message to the SMA/Console When running Sysprep manually on the client, C:\Windows\System32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /quiet /generalize /oobe ...
updated download 19 Dec 2014
I needed a filter that listed only devices that registered today, and cooked up the attached filter (based largely on the "Agents installed in the last N days" report.  This filter can easily be modified to show devices that registered 2 days ago, 3 days ago, 5 or less days ago, etc.  Just download the attached zup file, extract the contents, and import the filter and start ...
updated download 21 Nov 2014
This content was delivered to the Chicago Endpoint Management User Group on Friday, November 21, 2014.  Topics include: Getting Started Platform Migration Support Best Practice for Planning & Implementation
new download 21 Nov 2014
Credit to ArturoDFW for pointing me in the right direction on this one with his post on Missing report Windows Compliance by Computer - Details in NS7. I needed a way to get the "Windows Compliance by Bulletin" report to only show data related to updates which have a severity rating of Critical or Important.  If you want to include higher or lower patch severity ratings, you can easily ...
updated download 31 Oct 2014
Introduction Symantec provides an Administrator Software Development Kit (ASDK) that contains standard method to access or create some of the Symantec Management Platform and Solutions items programatically. But from time to time customers or partners need to just query the database in order to get some data out (for example in the case of the Patch Trending tool or other {CWoC} utilities I ...
new download 30 Oct 2014
Problem description The Symantec Management Platform and related infrastructure systems, namely the Site Servers, can fail to operate normally when the server do not have access to the Internet for extended period of times [1][4]. For the SMP this causes the console to be extremely slow [2] when loading a new session or opening a new web-application (with delay to load up to 30~40 seconds). On ...
updated event 09 Dec 2014
Please join us for the next Connecticut Endpoint Management User Group meeting on February 10th from 9:00am to 12:00pm at Middlesex Hospital. The meeting will start at 9:00am but there will be a continental breakfast available at 8:30am. Breakfast and Lunch will be served! Agenda Continental breakfast, Welcome & Introductions Address the Advisory Board What's New in ITMS 7.5 by Marty ...
updated event 08 Dec 2014
Please join us for the Salt Lake City Endpoint Management User Group Holiday Happy Hour at Noah's on December 11th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Get together with the Salt Lake City User Group to enjoy food and drinks! There will be representatives from Symantec Product Management present. Generate enthusiasm Provide feedback for this User Group and the program Review the board members roles and ...
updated event 20 Nov 2014
NetX a Symantec Authorized Training Partner (ATP) delivers Instructor-led Training Classes either on-site or remotely.  We offer over 20 different Symantec Classes, for a complete list please visit Attend from your home, office or one of our convenient locations.   Our training classes are Guaranteed to Run, We Never Cancel!  Symantec Client Management ...
updated event 12 Nov 2014
The Symantec Client Management Suite 7.5 Administration course is designed for professionals tasked with using Symantec Client Management Suite (CMS) to manage their software and hardware resources in their organizations. This five-day, instructor-led, handson course teaches students the underlying components and concepts of the Symantec Management Platform along with the Symantec Management ...
updated event 07 Nov 2014
The Symantec Client Management Suite 7.5 Administration course is designed for professionals tasked with using Symantec Client Management Suite (CMS) to manage their software and hardware resources in their organizations. This five-day, instructor-led, handson course teaches students the underlying components and concepts of the Symantec Management Platform along with the Symantec Management ...
updated video 21 Oct 2014
This silent video shows the steps to add a basic URL POST SMS function to the Symantec Service Desk AD Password reset workflow.
new video 23 Sep 2014
This video shows how one can import users assigned City in AD to asset managment using the connector solution. once the locations are imported and assigned to the users, service desk will pick this up from the CMDB and you can use it in a call. There might be an esier way of acomplishing this. Hope this can assist someone that might need the automatic location to user assoiciations. The ...
new video 16 Sep 2014
If you havent seen a demonstration of the ITMS app for Ipads, which was part of the 7.5 release, here is a quick 5 minute overview for you. ITMS Admin app is a mobile extension of the Symantec Management Console. It lets you monitor client computers, check Patch, Inventory and Software data. It also lets you start the tasks on client computers, check status of policies and tasks, and more. The ...
new video 21 Aug 2014
The video shows how to create a new target in ITMS Management Views.
new idea 20 Dec 2014
Dear Symnatec: Good Day Pls. refer to Case 07761435: logged for Title: Groups of Active Directory not sync by Option "Run update/Reset sync Profile" in SD tool. Regards Kashif Ali
updated idea 19 Dec 2014
When opening the software portal no scroll bar shows – After clicking "show all" the scroll bar can be seen, but then the description and software name is small and the full information cannot be seen, leaving unneeded space. Please correct the view of the Software Portal for future use. Please see the attached captures for how my customer's software portal is displaying. Thank you, Christina
new idea 19 Dec 2014 Thanks!
new idea 18 Dec 2014
Add data deduplication for all package management, such as software delivery and patch management. An example of this would be if a consumer were rolling out 5 packages, all installing exactly the same NDP451-KB2858728-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe (.NET 4.5 framework) having a size of 67 MB to a 10000 node environment. Type Packages Package Size in MB Number of Nodes Size in MB Size ...
updated idea 18 Dec 2014
The compliance of a package in a managed software delivery policy should be considered if a package is applicable, if a package is not applicable, the status can be ignored. If there are three packages in a policy and f.e. you have defined an applicability rule for package 2 and the installation of package 2 fails, the policy is compliant anyway if the status of package 2 ...
new idea 16 Dec 2014
There are only a set number of Fields that can be mapped across in an AD Sync. Would it be possbile to extend this to have more Fields, either on a case by case basis or hardcoded like now?
new idea 10 Dec 2014
Hello Everyone, Not sure if this is possible, however if this can be considered, lots of customers are enquiring about the bitlocker support within the Deployment Solution from Imaging tools just like WDS. So far have got to know that for the bitlocker to be working we may have to customize the WinPE for its usage. We may have to look towards it by including by some means the trusted platform ...
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