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updated article 26 Mar 2015
I have used a very short vbscript for the last few month in order to get some data out of the SMP agent interfaces, or to ascert certain (misbehaving) features. Today it proved itself to be very handy when a customer of mine was challenged to get a NSE file into the SMP database. So I'm posting the vbscript code here with details on how to use it. Here's the code used today, anonymised for ...
updated article 24 Mar 2015
All, I have only recently been able to have the time and sit down to script this all out for my organization We have no issues (crossed fingers) with this script after deploying to over 20K endpoints and have seen a few forum posts about how to get it all done and thought I would share my method with the community It my first article so it may not be as readable as others. Basically, ...
new article 24 Mar 2015
When documenting our server installations, one of the time-consuming documentation line-items is the Windows Firewall. For our service development flexibility and speed, our Windows firewall management is not centralised. This has the disadvantage that firewall auditing is a local operation. Historically, documenting the firewall configuration meant going into the Windows ...
updated article 24 Mar 2015
The links to the IT Management Suite 7.6 product documentation are as follows: IT Management Suite 7.6 IT Management Suite Release Notes DOC8113 Platform Support Matrix 6.x/7.x HOWTO9965 Planning for Implementation Guide DOC8038 Installation and Upgrade Guide DOC8039 Administration Guide DOC7978 Symantec™ Management Platform 7.6 Release Notes DOC8036 Linux and UNIX ...
updated article 24 Mar 2015
To access the full collections of IT Management Suite documentation for each release, use the URLs below: IT Management Suite version URL 7.1 7.1 SP1 7.1 ...
new article 23 Mar 2015
In IT Management Suite 7.6, you can add an attachment to the Automation Policy e-mail. Note that no UI changes are introduced and it is just a way to define attachment in the existing UI. You can use this option for Send automated report e-mail task, Send automation policy e-mail task, etc. To add an attachment to an e-mail, you must add some "markup" tokens to define the attachments and the ...
updated blog entry 19 Mar 2015
When trying to access Process Manager portal the browser states "Page Cannot Be Displayed" You may see these kinds of errors in the Windows Event Logs: computer | Error | 10/27/2008 2:56:05 PM | Microsoft-Windows-IIS-W3SVC-WP | 2297 The worker process for application pool 'application pool id' encountered an error 'Configuration file is not well-formed XML ' trying to read global module ...
updated blog entry 18 Mar 2015
Hi, Our company is looking for an Altiris Engineer in the Washington DC area. This is an immediate requirement . If anyone is interested, please send me over your resume to Thanks Ciscoman
updated blog entry 18 Mar 2015
In the organizations running Microsoft Active Directory to list and manage network components such as Users, Computers etc. Administrators can hand over a number of tasks to delegate Users to share the load of administration. These tasks are usually the more mundane ones which are logged on daily basis and can be handled even by the junior IT staff. Password resets and Account Unlock are ...
updated blog entry 17 Mar 2015
The intent of the attached query is to provide an alternative reporting mechanism for Year by Month aggregate Ticket activity. The Column legend is as follows:       Year: Derived from ReportProcess.ProcessStarted    Month: Derived from ReportProcess.ProcessStarted  Started: Total count of ProcessStarted entries for the given Year/Month.   Ended: Total ...
updated download 27 Mar 2015
Table of content Introduction Presenting the AssetPrintView page Installing the files Creating the right click action Using the right click action Conclusion References Introduction Asset Management Solution offers a print-preview (and download as word file) for a three specific asset types (Purchase Request, Purchase Orders and Invoices) however there is no possibility to custom-design a ...
updated download 13 Mar 2015
Table of content Introduction Command line help Samples Conclusion References Introduction In order for a computer to download a package it needs to connect to the SMP GetPackageInfo.aspx interface, and to provide a properly formatted xml requested, in order to receive a set of codebases which will point it to package server(s) snapshot files and download locations. Before the release of 7.5 ...
updated download 27 Feb 2015
Introduction A few years ago, I posted to Symantec Connect our vbscript which triggers an audited Windows Update at the close of our computer build process. The critical feature of this script was that it provided us a patching process which had a definitive start and end. This allowed us to streamline ...
updated download 26 Feb 2015
UPDATE: 26th Feb 2015 -Upgraded script to v1.1 in this article to give it a longer life (by cycling through major KB versions numbers as well as minor ones). In order to bolster the overall security of their Windows operating systems, Microsoft publishes every patch Tuesday an updated Malicious Software Removal (MSRT) tool. This comes down each month through Windows Update and ...
updated download 26 Feb 2015
This is a tool to assist you in closing orphaned tasks and processes in ServiceDesk & Workflow 7.1.  It doesn't not delete any entries from your database. This process will simply complete any active tasks and close the associated process. It properly handles closing Change, Incident, & Problem processes. It will also handle EM processes along with any default processes that are ...
updated download 19 Feb 2015
PatchExclusion is a companion tool for ZeroDayPatch and PatchAutomation. It is designed to help Altiris Administrator verify the content of the exclusion table, to add, remove entries or to clear the table (and even recreate it in full - should this be needed). Here are the utility command line options: PatchExclusion (version 10): Background: ZeroDayPatch and PatchAutomation both ...
updated download 19 Feb 2015
As the 7.6 release is nearing I tought I would update the Patch Automation toolkit, just to make sure the features would be available to users as soon as the release hits So today I am attaching Version 10 of the toolkit here, build for the upcoming 7.6 release. The major change that version 10 brings in (across all supported ITMS versions - 7.1 SP2 MP1.1, 7.5 SP1 and 7.6) is ...
new event 17 Mar 2015
                                   Join Novacoast to explore Altiris 7.6 and learn about the new features, better performance and learn tricks from Novacoast to make sure you get the most out of your investment in Altiris. Discussion Topics will include: - ITMS Management Views - Updated Deployment ...
updated event 17 Mar 2015
Symantec and Intuitive invite you to attend an informal afternoon Happy Hour to hear the latest on Symantec's Endpoint Management Products, and a chance to discuss the products with your local peers who are using the products.  This event will cover these topics: Symantec Corporate Update Altiris/Endpoint Management Roadmap and Discussion Workspace Streaming Integration with Cloud ...
updated event 16 Mar 2015
NetX a Symantec Authorized Training Partner (ATP) delivers Instructor-led Training Classes either on-site or remotely.  We offer over 20 different Symantec Classes, for a complete list please visit Attend from your home, office or one of our convenient locations.   Our training classes are Guaranteed to Run, We Never Cancel!  Symantec Deployment ...
new event 12 Mar 2015
Symantec and Intuitive invite you to attend an informal afternoon Happy Hour to hear the latest on Symantec's Endpoint Management Products, and a chance to discuss the products with your local peers who are using the products.  This event will cover these topics: Symantec Corporate Update Altiris/Endpoint Management Roadmap and Discussion Workspace Streaming Integration with Cloud ...
updated event 09 Mar 2015
Date: March 24 , 2014 Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm Location: Henry’s Tavern American Bar & Grill  10 NW 12th Ave Portland, OR 97209 Questions?  Rob Wille 503-421-5138  Symantec and Intuitive invite you to attend an informal afternoon Happy Hour to hear the latest on Symantec™s Endpoint Management Products, and a chance to discuss ...
updated event 09 Mar 2015
The recording of the Launch webcast for IT Management Suite 7.6 and Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 is now available. Learn more about IT Management Suite 7.6 Upgrade to 7.6 What’s new in 7.6? Quickstart Upgrade Guide Download Trialware 7.6 Documentation Learn ...
updated event 06 Mar 2015
Please join us for the next Chicago Endpoint Management User Group meeting on Friday, March 20th from 9:00am to 1:00pm at the Wheatland STEPS Building in the Indian Prairie School District. Lunch will be served! Agenda: Welcome, Announcements & Introductions An Overview of What You Missed at the 7.6 EPM Summit by James Broniec, Symantec Discussion, Q&A Planning, Prizes and ...
new event 06 Mar 2015
Please join us for the next Columbus Endpoint Management User Group meeting on March 26 from 12pm to 3pm at The Wendy’s Company. Lunch will be served! Agenda Welcome, Introductions & Lunch What's New in ITMS 7.6 by ITS Partners Roundtable type discussion on Patch Management lead by ITS Partners Prize drawings & Conclusion Location Wendy’s Thomas Conference Center 1 Dave Thomas ...
updated video 16 Mar 2015
In this screencast Rasmus Ronlev, Lead Solution Architect for ITS Partners will walk you through some visible and valuable feature changes in ITMS 7.6 at both the server and client level. If you would like to watch in HD, you can view it here. To learn more, be sure to visit us our website.
new video 13 Mar 2015
THE CHALLENGE Advancements in consumer product and delivery experiences have set high expectations for corporate IT. Today’s employees expect the service desk to know everything about everything connected to the corporate network, and to provide real time delivery on requests. The employees are often disappointed by opaque handoffs, unexplained delays, and lack of consistency. IT’s default ...
updated video 13 Jan 2015
In this Video we will discuss how to add simple automation to the boot disks created with the BDC.  Additionaly we will add command line switches to the ghost32.exe and ghost64.exe.    For referance see Apendix A from the Ghost Implementation Guide  for more use examples.  See Switches: Alphabetical list of switches for a list of most of the ghost ...
updated video 09 Jan 2015
This is a walk through of adding windows 8.0 (PE 4) Drivers to the Symantec Boot Disk Creator from TECH 223404. I will follow the steps noted in TECH227489.   We will go over how to download, extract driver files from the NIC manufacturer web page.   You will need to add drivers to the Boot Disk Creator if your Ghost boot disk boots up but you do not have network ...
new idea 26 Mar 2015
Just as there is a Taskserver token, it would be good to have a packageserver token to use right out of the box.
new idea 24 Mar 2015
The login for the processmanager portal is very... blank. There is far too much whitespace to make it look like a professional support portal. We are able to edit the layout.css file but its very arduous. If there was some sort of designer tool to customize how your portal looks (color, logos, drop downs, etc). In many other help desk software solutions, there is a higher degree of ...
new idea 24 Mar 2015
Mozilla Firefox 36.0.4 Thanks!
updated idea 20 Mar 2015
I am manually doing below task, which is mandatory in our secured environment. I wonder to know it if is possible for having such report created from CMDB easily. We have secured access to Internet Sites and every individual URL link must be requested, approved and documented.   There are currently many patchable vendors and products in PMS 7.5, and many of these have quite unique ...
new idea 16 Mar 2015
In 7.6, create a section in Agent Health that flags an error or warning if one or more pieces to the SMA is not communicating or operating correctly then allow the IT Admin to remove and reinstall the agent right from that section of the console.
new idea 16 Mar 2015
I understand that in 7.6 there is the agent health section, but as I understand it, there is no way to use that section to "fix" sub-agents.  It would be nice to have an option in the Agent Health area to recognize and fix subagents for clients to ensure the agent as a whole is operating correctly.
new idea 13 Mar 2015
It would be great if we had the ability to open drilldowns in a new window, so we can easily view both the drilled down report, as wella s the original report.  This was easily accomplished in version 6.
new idea 06 Mar 2015
One feature we really miss in the 7.5/7.6 console as compared to the 6.9 console is the ability to deliver software by folders.  Once we had our software packages created, we could group the software into folders for specific organizations and just drag the whole folder on the computer or group of computers. It woudl be great to have this feature back - seems we are almost there in the ...
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