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Endpoint Virtualization Ideas

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On the old Juice site there was a wiki where customers could post what apps they have been able to virtualize. It was a great feature for me. I was able to check and see if app I was working on worked for someone else. It was probably a nightmare for the people who work at Symantec (because all of the data was unverified).  I would be nice to have an area of the web site where the Symantec-verified apps are listed. It would be nice to have a list to look at before I create a layer (or ...
Suggested: 09 Jul 2009 by trb48 | 4 comments - last comment 05 Sep 2009 by trb48
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Using the SVS Admin tool, it would be really helpful to see some additional information about configuration, environment settings, etc. related to a particular layer. Can we add some additional field or notes to display layer information?
Suggested: 27 Jan 2007 by riva11 | 14 comments - last comment 07 Feb 2007 by Thunder-man
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I would like to better understand Symantec version naming conventions, and all Symantec products following the same one! When told me a version 6.1 SP7, I do not naturally guess the 6.4.1266 was the same one... All the same, I can understand not able to guess the 1266, I can tell you, I was expecting something like instead! e.g.: Currently Symantec Workspace Streaming Agent (SWS) 6.1 SP7 is: Symantec Workspace Virtualization Agent (SWV) 6.1 SP7 is: 6.4.1266 Notice ...
Suggested: 14 May 2011 by Pascal KOTTE | 1 comment - last comment 28 Nov 2012 by ManelR
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Status: Reviewed
It would be nice to see a profile management tool integrated with Symantec Workspace Streaming. If you use Symantec Workspace Streaming with virtual applications, it will store the user settings locally on the client computer in a GUID under the FSLRDR directory for files and registry settings. if these user settings would be stored on a central server, it would be possible to roam over different clients which has the users applications and settings. As an alternative it would also be ...
Suggested: 13 Oct 2009 by MatthiasW | 2 comments - last comment 02 Apr 2012 by PatrikN
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Hello. I use the new Software Catalog (Software components), available from CMS7, with a new huge listing available from SP1 (near 80'000 software components). It is a very great value-add from Symantec, all the same we we would like also more included information regarding "dependent rules", "inventory rules", etc... Now, also SVS 2.1 is included with CMS7, so it is easy to activate the check box "run in a virtual layer" to redirect the package ...
Suggested: 23 Nov 2009 by Pascal KOTTE
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One feature I would love to see  in Workspace Virtualization is the possibility to define registry exclusions (similar to the extensions / directory exclusions). Best regards, John
Suggested: 27 Jul 2009 by jz81 | 3 comments - last comment 01 Mar 2010 by MatthiasW
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I'd like to see the Symantec Workspace Streaming Console   improved so I can use it to push out agents to new PCs and also to control and update any settings on deployed agents. I also feel it needs a re-design, it's a very difficult console to naviagate, perhaps make it an mmc based console.
Suggested: 24 Feb 2011 by dpowell2 | 2 comments - last comment 21 Apr 2011 by emilioVRT
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The Symantec Workspace Virtualization - Admin, should receive some improvement to be more compliant windows standards. From SVS 2.1, now SWV 6.1, and 6.2 and 6.3 : I am a little disappointed because still see the 2 problems below: Windows is not re-sizable ! display got some problem to refresh, when you switch other windows, back, "Grey display". Also same problem, when recompile Layer, list is not updated auto, must F5 to refresh manually... So, please Symantec, Do those basic ...
Suggested: 28 Jan 2011 by Pascal KOTTE
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 When streaming applications are provisioned to Active Directory groups and you rename this AD Group, the provisioning is lost for the users who are member of this AD group.   I think Streaming application provisioning to Active Directory groups should be done by GUID not by the name of this AD Group.
Suggested: 01 Mar 2010 by MatthiasW
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Hi, I'd like to propose a new idea to remove unprovisioned applications from streaming agent's cache using Update Application button. Current behavior: 1. User streams virtual package to the cache 2. User is unprovisioned from the virtual package but this still remaines in the streaming agent's cache    2.a If SLAM feature is enabled, streaming server will deactivate unprovisioned application but dont remove    2.b Console option Expiry/Uninstall on Expiry doesnt remove ...
Suggested: 02 Jul 2015 by ti3594
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