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comentario sobre discusión 30 Julio 2014
idea nueva 30 Julio 2014
Simple but very useful feature request. I would like the option for a backup job to only use tapes that are in a particulay media set. I need this functionallity as our company does a backup service for multiple customers and each customer have their own tapes. Currently as it stands if there is an overwritable tape in the library then it will get used regardless of whether or not it belongs ...
discusión nueva 30 Julio 2014
Hi Bacup exec 2010 cannot run. there is no answer when i click Test All button at Resource Credentials page. when i create a new backup job,at Selections page,View by Resource, the name colume show Connection with... always. Attached is failed job log.  it is used for backup SQL database   
comentario sobre discusión 30 Julio 2014
Riaan.Badenhorst ha añadido un comentario a: NetBackup Web Services
discusión nueva 30 Julio 2014
Netbackup Appliance 5230, acting as master with a windows 2008 media server for offsite tape duplication.  This is a new setup and on all of our sql agent backups there is a 5-7 minute delay between application jobs-streams starting.  For example the parent job starts then start child job for X database, that stream finishes and then another stream doesn't start for another ...
idea nueva 30 Julio 2014
Hello Team, I found a big gap which is created in the Backup Exec Media Management. In the Storage Tab. Option is available is to Schedule Import and Export. But once Media Exported alert will remain same. It need again manual intervention. To clear the alert: the accept as OK/CANCEL for Media Intervention is grayed out. Not Sure Why? Totally there is no use of the concept called IMPORT EXPORT ...