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Tech Exchange Presentation: Mobile Protection

Created: 07 Sept 2012 | 1 comentario

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Managing mobile devices is all about protecting mobile data in all of the various places it is transmitted, stored and viewed. Unlike traditional PCs, mobile devices naturally communicate over channels that companies have no control over, and several additional operating systems have been introduced in the last few years. This complexity requires a fresh view and new technology to ensure that you have sufficient visibility and control over your precious data. MDM products only go so far toward that end. But Symantec offers the most comprehensive suite of mobile technologies to provide you with true protection, over your data, your apps, and your devices. Attend this session to learn about Symantec’s complete suite of products and how they work together to apply to your various needs, including Mobile Security, Mobile Management, Data Loss Prevention, Managed PKI Service, Two-factor Authentication, Encryption, and others.

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Can this be installed on any mobile or only android phones?

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