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Getting Started in the Developer Community

Created: 28 Sept 2010 • Updated: 04 DEC 2010
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Here are a few tips and tricks that might come in handy as you get familar with Symantec Connect and the Developer community.

Registering/Logging In to Symantec Connect

You can view content in the site without logging into Symantec Connect, but to participate, you'll need to register and log in. To register:

To register on Symantec Connect:

  1. Click the Register button on the Symantec Connect menu. You will then go to the SymAccount page.
  2.   Complete the SymAccount information as required:
    a.    If you already have a SymAccount ID and password (used on multiple Symantec ap plications including MySymantec, MySupport, Symantec Licensing Portal, PartnerNet, Customer Care and Symantec Connect), click the Login button.
    b.    If you don’t have a SymAccount ID and password, click the Register Now button and complete the form.

    Once you click the Login or Register button on the SymAccount page, you will be redirected to the User Account page on Connect.

  3. In the User Account page, choose a Connect User name (please don’t use an email address).
  4. Read and accept the Terms & Conditions of Use if you agree to the terms.
  5. Click the Save Changes button

  6. You are now registered on Connect with your User name and you will see a welcome message at the top. You can now post content, vote, comment on others submissions. You can go to the Groups tab and you’ll see a list of any groups of which  you’re a member.

Click the Login or Register button in the top right menu and follow account creation steps. Notice that once you log in, you'll see a drop-down list of profile and account management options. This is where you can set notifications, create a custom profile, load a photo of yourself, and more.

Profile / User Information

Located under the "Me" menu item, in the upper right hand corner of the site, you can upload a photo, keep track of your rewards points  and customize your subscriptions to community newsletters.  Just select the "edit" tab within your profile and start customizing.

You can see a lot of information about other community members by the symbols by their content entry. In addition to the date the entry was posted, you can view user photo (if they've provided one), name, which you can click to contact them directly via Private Message, a pie or piece of cheese symbol (you decide) that shows how much content the person has contributed to the community. In addition, you'll notice that some contributors have additional tags for Admin (gray), Symantec Employee (yellow), Tech Support (green), Trusted Advisor (red); these are to help you easily identify these people in the community.
Private Messages - To send another user a private message click on the user name, an email box will appear and the message can be inserted and sent.

Creating Content

Once you're logged in, you'll see a Create menu next to you profile picture in the top right menu. Click the content type that you'd like to create (discussion, blog post, article), fill in the title, content, product, and topic tags, and you've created content to share with the community. It really is that easy! Did we mention rewards? In appreciation of community contributions, we provide reward points for content, which can be redeemed for cool prizes. Find out more...


As you find content that you find useful (or not), please take the time to vote with a thumbs up or thumbs down - this helps the community guage the most valuable content.

Notifications & RSS Feeds

Notifications - Keep track of a thread you started, a post of interest or a topic by selecting "Subscriptions" when posting a new forum discussion or comment.  Subscriptions are also available in other sections of Connect (i.e. articles, blogs, videos, downloads, events and ideas).  You can even subscribe to posts that have been tagged with "Data Loss Prevention" (or your community of choice).  You can also set up automatic notifications through your profile by clicking on the edit menu.

RSS feed: If you like to get your information delivered, look for the orange RSS icon that appears after an initial thread, article, blog entry, etc. You can add customized information  to your RSS reader of choice.

Discussion Forums

You'll need to be logged in to post new discussions or comments. Some more information about the forums:

Blue Dots=New Comment on Thread
If you're revisiting a thread that you've previously viewed, then come back later and somebody else has added a comment since your last visit we've added a nifty blue dot telling you to take a look at the new content. As an added bonus, if you click on the blue dot rather than the thread title you'll not only open the thread, but you will jump to the first unread post in the thread. Very cool. Similarly, the "solved" icon links to the solution in the thread. (from .Peter's blog about new forum functionality)

Green Check=Solved
If you post a question and receive an answer, please remember to tag the answer as a 'Solution'. This helps others in the community to find solutions fast - they can search by solved items, or look for the green checkmark beside posts. Only the original thread author, Community Managers, moderators and trusted advisors can "Mark as a Solution". So once the solution has been provided, please be sure to mark as solved. If your response is marked as the solution, you'll earn additional reward points!

Private Tag
The gray "Private" tag shows private group content. If you area a member of any private group (and the SMP group is private), then this tags shows you that this information is available only to those who have group membership. Remember when creating new content for the group to choose whether you want it marked Public or Private. If you comment on a post that was created as private material then your comment will automatically be tagged as Private.


Have an idea for a new feature, Connect site improvement, or how Symantec as a company can change? Share your idea with the community in the Ideas area. Community members can vote ideas up and down, and you can quickly see the most popular ideas as voted by the overall community. For more information, visit .peter's blog.

The Connect Communities

To change community views, click the main drop-down at the top of the page, and choose the community you'd like to go to.

So now that you have the basics down, check out all the great information that is available and let me know if you have any questions, just drop me a comment or send me a private message.