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Smart Grid & Smart Metering - a hot industry topic at VISION EMEA

Created: 13 Sept 2011 • Updated: 19 Mayo 2014 • 3 comments
el cuadro de los fbunn
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The Energy industry is experiencing the most significant change in 100 years. Analysts expect worldwide investments of US$ 378 Billion by 2030 in Smart Grid deployments which will help to better manage demand response and energy efficiency.  As the Smart Grid accelerates the utilization of IT and IP Networking technologies, new challenges arise in form of Security risks and the Data explosion.  The threat landscape is evolving rapidly and poses a lot of risks against this critical infrastructure that can impact the economy of entire countries. The recent outbreak of Stuxnet demonstrates the potential vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure and distribution systems. Additionally, smart meter and SCADA information must be efficiently managed, protected and the customers privacy ensured. 

With the growing implementations of Smart Meters throughout Europe as part of various Smart Grid initiatives, securing those devices effectively against vulnerabilities is critical.
Learn about the risks and threats to Smart Meter networks, which are not effectively secured and managed by Utility Operators. PKI is recognised as a key method to ensure that your clients data, and your sensitive corporate communications infrastructure and information is protected effectively. We will share with you a number of Device Certificate Projects we have implemented, together with a number of key considerations you should take into account when you are designing your network.

If you are working in the Energy/Electricity industry, you must not miss these industry specific breakout sessions at VISION EMEA: 

IS B19 – Symantec makes it smart for you – Smart PKI for Smart Meters
Wednesday, 5thOctober, 15:15 – 16:15

ST B10 - Smart Grids  - Challenges in times of Stuxnet
Thursday, 6thOctober, 10:00 - 11:00

Please join these breakout sessions at VISION EMEA and discuss with our EMEA and Global Smart Grid & Smart Meter Security experts how Symantec can help you to mitigate your security and information management challenges. Outside of these breakout sessions you can talk with our Subject Matter Experts at the Symantec Industry Solutions demo pod. 

Thanks very much and see you at VISION EMEA 2011 in Barcelona.

Frank Bunn
Senior Manager EMEA Product Marketing
Industry Solutions

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el cuadro de los Lalli

I see in different blogs that somebody are handing out registration codes, but i dont have access to them. Do those include free enterance to the conference?

if so:

where can i find registration code for vision in barcelona?

or is there anyone out there not planning on using theirs?

i'm there at the right time but i'm struggeling to come up with the steep €1400 conference price.

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el cuadro de los Ilka

Hi, only specific delegates groups (by invitation only) get a specific registration code to register for a discount or free of charge so for example journalists.

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el cuadro de los Mick2009

Followers of this blog post may be interested in the new white paper released by Symantec's Security Response.  More information and a link to the "Targeted Attacks Against the Energy Sector" paper can be found at:

Attacks Against the Energy Sector

With thanks and best regards,


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