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Symantec AutoSupport for Backup Appliances is now LIVE

Created: 11 Marzo 2013 • Updated: 28 Mayo 2014
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Have you ever wondered if your appliance issues can be resolved even before they appear at your end? ( i.e a system that proactively monitors your appliances and automates issue resolution.)  Symantec is committed to simplifying and improving support experiences for its customers. Built on the service automation strategy, Symantec AutoSupport framework provides proactive and automated support services to its appliance customers.

Starting February 4, Symantec Secure Operations Center ( SOC), an integral part of AutoSupport, began monitoring backup appliances all over the world, processing the alerts received from Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec appliances, creating support tickets with field services for hardware related issues and Enterprise Support Services for non-hardware related issues. Symantec AutoSupport needs the CallHome functionality be enabled on the backup appliances and a registration of the appliance at the MyAppliance web portal (https://my.appliance.symantec.com/).  

Enable Symantec AutoSupport today and enjoy the benefits of proactive support.

For detailed information: AutoSupport Overview | AutoSupport FAQ