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Symantec.com Design Revamp: Inside Scoop on the New Website

Created: 20 Agosto 2012 • Updated: 03 Junio 2014
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I had the pleasure of speaking with Leah Fergenson, Online Marketing Director, for Symantec.com. She was kind enough to take time away from her busy schedule to give us a high-level overview of some changes happening to Symantec.com. The Online Marketing Team has been working hard on redesigning the Enterprise site based on extensive user research, branding initiatives, and achieving company goals. Here's a sneak peek of some exciting changes to come.

Erin: Why a redesign, and why now?
Leah: Customers were having a hard time finding what they needed on Symantec.com. The navigation was too complex, and page designs were often over-engineered. Additionally, the site needed to reflect the overall company direction to separate the Symantec online experience into a collection of smaller, more targeted websites based on target audience. And as part of that, the Enterprise and Corporate website needed to be cleaned up and focused. Finally, the visual design, as well as some of the content, was outdated and needed to be refreshed.

Erin: What was the overall thinking behind the segment overlay? How has it been working out?
Leah: Symantec.com is the gateway page for the entire company, and it is our obligation to make sure that our customers and prospects can navigate to the correct website. Symantec has different websites for different audiences, so it is critical that we direct users to the right one. The overlay page is getting some usage, and we are continually making improvements to it in collaboration with our sister web teams around the company.

Erin: From a user perspective, what are the expected benefits of the new site?
Symantec.com users can expect:

  1. Quick access to the most relevant web content from Symantec by self-selecting their segment—Norton, SMB, Enterprise, or Partners.
  2. A simplified Enterprise website experience through cleaner global site navigation and more focused content.  
  3. Improved visual experience with a brand-new, professional, and modern look and feel.
  4. Clear access to VeriSign content for any transitioning VeriSign customers.

Erin: Is user testing being done, and how is it being accomplished?
There have been about 10 rounds of usability testing completed on different aspects of the new site design. We are also monitoring metrics as different site sections go live, and making adjustments to continue to improve the design.

Erin: What can we expect on the mobile horizon for Symantec.com?
Five key landing pages on Symantec.com are mobile-optimized today as a pilot of the mobile web experience. We are currently doing research and developing our strategy for how to roll out a complete mobile web experience for Symantec.com.

Erin: Can you give us a sneak peek into what upgrades or enhancements to the site are upcoming?
Symantec.com is constantly being enhanced through content updates, enhancements, and projects. The Symantec.com redesign rolls out in phases until October this year. After that, expect to see some more work done on the mobile web experience, as well as continual optimization and streamlining of the entire website for our customers.

Thank you, Leah, for taking the time to answer our questions. We really appreciate it! It'll be exciting to see the changes to the redesigned site and to provide our customers with an enhanced online experience. If you have questions or comments regarding the site redesign, please let us know. We're always happy to hear from you.