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AD Integration with 4.7.4 patch 11

Created: 18 Oct 2012 | 1 comentario

i see in the notes that there is enhanced AD integration with patch 11.  has anyone found the documentation regarding utilizing these enhancements yet?

Specifically regarding the configuration portions.

The latest documentation I have found was updated on 8-13-12.....and does not mention if it is utilizing the enhancements or not, in fact it still states that users must be in default container yet.  so i am guessing this is not the latest.

here is a link to the doc I found....but no really mention of the updated configuration:


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el cuadro de los lukaszfr

I haven't seen updated documentation but I had opportunity to perform some basic tests and the main enhancement that I've noticed is that users (or groups) might be located in different OUs than Users container...