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Add a new field in Incident template.

Created: 03 Sept 2012 | 4 comments
el cuadro de los SmartSys


Someone know how edit the incident template? I need add a new field when incident it's solved (before the close).

I have a Service Desk 7.1 SP2

Thank you in advance!!!

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el cuadro de los jpellet2

Where you do this can vary depending on where you want the information to be entered but there is a great article on adding data to the Process View and about half-way down there is a guide to adding the custom data to the reclassify form. This same process can be used to add the data to other locations as well. Basically you need to add the Data Type if it doesn't already exist and then create the fields to enter/modify/view that data.


el cuadro de los Aryanos

I thought that there were issues doing this in SP2?

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el cuadro de los jpellet2

Not sure. I've done it with a couple of small things and haven't had any issue however I haven't done anything that involved. Of course, as you know, with 7.5 on the horizon I'd try to keep away from any modifications that might not be able to be done in the future.

el cuadro de los SmartSys

Thank you.

I will try this article suggested, and I hope solve my issue.