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Altiris Monitoring Rules export into excel

Created: 05 DEC 2012 | 4 comments

Is there a way to export all my rules,metrics and policies into excel?

Is there any SQL query available to find out these?

I need to give a report to our management which should have all the servers and their associated policies/rules/metrics in an excel/notepad format.

we are currently using V7.1 SP2.

Please share if you know any solution for this requirement.Thanks in advance

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el cuadro de los W007


Check this

Monitor Solution list of Rules broken down by Category and Monitor Pack


Monitor Pack for Servers 7.1 Policies and Rules


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el cuadro de los karthik-tnj

Hi monitorman,

I'm getting error while importing the xml.is there any dependencies out there?

el cuadro de los karthik-tnj

Hi manish,

I need to get the details of policies/rules in our environvent as we configured it based on our requirements.