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Backup Exec 2012 manual catstore cleanup

Created: 22 Enero 2013 • Updated: 22 Enero 2013 | 5 comments
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I have a very large catalog folder which I need to clean up.

I've set the truncate catalogs after... option in the Backup Exec settings, but this only applies to new catalogs and I have several hundred gigs of old files.

In the catalog folder, I have numerous large files in the catstore subdirectory, which appears to be where large catalog files get moved to.  They have various extensions


I can't find much information about what these are and how critical 

There are plenty of posts saying don't manually delete any contents of the catalog and to use the trunctate setting, but I need to reclaim this space, so any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks, David

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el cuadro de los pkh

You are correct in that the truncate catalog setting only applies to catalogs which are created after the setting is set.

Rather than deleting the catalogs, you should move the catalogs to a disk with more space.  See this document


el cuadro de los DavidSte

Thanks, but that is not the question I'm asking and anyway it's not a viable option for me as there is no capactiy available in the server.

el cuadro de los Backup_Exec


You can arrange the files as per modified time in catalog folder and delete the oldest once to free up space.

You can check my comment in below thread


Hope that helps



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el cuadro de los DavidSte


Does anything needs to be removed from the SQL database to match the pruning of the files in the catstore folder?  (I assume that the DB entries need to match the phsycial catalog files)


el cuadro de los Backup_Exec


No the one which are the oldest you know they won't be required so you can delete them and no need To remove from database.



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