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backup hyper-v

Created: 20 Marzo 2013 | 6 comments

Ok so i have three hyper-v servers that i want to backup.  I run BE 2012 and some of the VM guests are linux so i won't use GRT backup on those.  That means i need to run two seaprate backups.  I want to run a full backup of the servers on weekends.  I then would prefer to do a full backup every other night during the week.  I actually have mutiple questions here.   First do i need to select the folder where the actual VHDs are located if i select them under hyper-v?  Second if i only perform a full backup of the whole server on the weekends and then If i run a full backup by only selecting only the hyper-v guests durign the week waht am i risking?  Thanks

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el cuadro de los pkh

1) You select the VM's from under the host

2) If you backup the VM's as if they are physical machines, then you would not be able to restore VHD and recover them.  This adds to your recovery time.

el cuadro de los Kirk Hill

so then i don't need to backup the folder where the VHDs reside?

el cuadro de los Kirk Hill

ok so when would i back up the server as a whole excluding the drive with the VHDs?  GRT or none GRT backups?  

el cuadro de los pkh

If you just select the entire server, BE will not backup the VHD's twice, if that is what worrying you.

el cuadro de los Kirk Hill

Yes but some of the hosts are GRT backups and others are non GRT so in order to backup both of those up without errors in the logfile don't i have to separate out them?  If i separate them then i would assuem i don't backup the whole server twice.