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Backup Tapes

Created: 15 Oct 2012 | 4 comments

Good Morning Friends.

I am wanting to implement the strategy father and son backup in Backup Exec 2012, but I have a doubt.

I have 5 tapes for use each on a weekday.
For a week, which will be taken on Monday.
And a weekly catch at the end of the month and turn into monthly.

My question is regarding the assembly of this backup. Because when we created the backup, storage at the selected set of media, eg Diario.
In my case the daily backup, as will be 5 tapes, I have to create a pool for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, you create a job equal for each day of the week?

Or have some easier way to send the job to the pool everyday and he know that on Monday it will make the tape Monday, Tuesday on tape Tuesday, etc ... ?

Thanks for the help.



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el cuadro de los sazz.

It would be better to create a Daily media set for Monday - Thursday, retainig the data for 1 month or as per you comapnies retention.

Then create a different media set for Weekend, retaining the data as per your company retention period.

Then create a Daily job and weekly job. Send the daily job to daily media set and weekly job to weekly media set.

el cuadro de los Fecomerciomg

Sazz, good afternoon!

Do not quite understand what you said.

Today we have a pool Diary, is it only has one tape to back up during the week, ie, Monday to Friday. The daily jobs are direcionandos for that pool.

I also have a weekly pool in which the jobs are directed to him weekly.

What I want to understand it, is how to Backup Exec 2012 Diary understand that the pool will have 5 tapes, each to be used in a day, each job is getting their tape of the day within the pool daily. example:


Job: Incremental Backup Files Daily
Pool Used: Diary
Tape it should take: 12L4


Job: Incremental Backup Files Daily
Pool Used: Diary
Tape it should take: 13L4

And so on.

How do I do this?

If fails to do within the pool, I have to create a pool for each day and create a job for each pool. example:


Job: Incremental Backup Files Second Diary
Pool: Monday Diário_Segunda
Tape it should take: 12L4


Job: Incremental Backup Files Daily Tuesday
Pool: Monday Diário_Terca
Tape it should take: 13L4

In the latter case with a rotating weekly Job and the other a full or differential incremental working on top of this second case during the weekdays

Thank you for your attention.


el cuadro de los pkh

You are trying to manage your tapes, rather than letting BE and the tape library manage your tapes for you. Trust me, live is very much easier if you just define ONE media set for your daily jobs and let BE choose the tapes.  See my article on this subject.


If you define 1 media set/partition per day, then you would need to define 1 job per day because 1 job can only target one media set.  If you define 1 media set for your daily jobs, then you can use just 1 job.

el cuadro de los sazz.

Seems you want a different tape for each day,Monday job to Monday tape, tuesday to tuesday and so forth, in that case you won't be able to use the media to its full capacity.

Anyways to do this you have to either use the library partition or create Monday to Friday job with 5 pools for each day. If you create a pool the tapes will be used as per the oldest used tape in the media set.